Niklas Astedt Comes Out On Top In WSOP Super Circuit Event

There was some compelling poker action this weekend, but the WSOP Super Circuit Online series event ended with a very common sight. Niklas Astedt has won almost every huge event that there is to win during his career, and he once again came out on top this past weekend.

The Swedish superstar outlasted the field to win the WSOP event, which made for exciting action for fans around the world. Astedt has amassed over $22 million during his career, and was in total control of this event over the weekend as he always held a comfortable lead. Below, we will run through the final table results for the event.

Astedt Tops Competitive Leaderboard

The victory for the Swedish player never looked to be in doubt, as he held the advantage throughout the event over the player in second. The victory saw him walk away from the event with a purse of $758,443, which was thoroughly deserved following an excellent performance. There were some interesting names on the final table that were competing for the victory, but none were able to live with the pace set by the Swede. Yanfei Chi was the player that made it down to the last two, but the Chinese player didn’t have the chips to continue his fight in the final stretch.

Chi was still able to claim returns of $568,746 from the event, which was a deserved return for a strong showing. ‘sssssAK’ was the player that just missed out on the final two places, as the Chinese player needed to settle for third spot on the leaderboard. It was still a strong effort to compete until near the end, as he claimed returns of $426,499 for his performance. However, he wasn’t able to make it to the heads-up challenge.

Remaining Players On Final Table

Astedt was the outright winner of the event, but there were still some considerable returns across the final leaderboard. Allan Mello finished back in fourth, which saw the Brazilian pick up final returns of £319,829 in prize money. Mello wasn’t able to make it to the final three though, as he ran out of chips. Noksukow finished in fifth on the leaderboard, with the polish player being the player staying on strongly to conclude the event in a strong position. His performance was rewarded with returns of $239,838.

Patrick Tardif was the first player to be knocked out on the final table, as he was one of the players that lost his chips when trying to take on Astedt. The Canadian still claimed returns of $75,843 for his performance. David Miscikowski was able to finish in eighth, and returned $101,139. British player ‘Promoking’ was next on the leaderboard, while Fabian Spielmann finished in sixth on the leaderboard. Spielmann claimed returns of $179,853, while the British player finished in seventh and picked up prize money of $134,871 for their performance.