Best Poker Game Variants

You will have seen poker on the television with all of its colorful characters and you might have even played a bit yourself. Were you aware there are so many different poker games?

There are dozens of variations of fun poker games and we list some of them here. There’s a lot of enjoyment to be had playing all of these different poker games and you might find one you’ve never heard of among them that will suit you perfectly.

You can play all of these games in land-based poker rooms or if you prefer to relax at home all the fun poker games can be played at any of our recommended poker sites.

Texas Hold’em

image of texas holdem poker

When it comes to fun poker games, this tops the list. Hold’em is the most recognizable version of poker thanks to the televised World Series of Poker. Every player is dealt two cards, known as ‘hole cards’ and these are used in combination with the five community cards to form the best hand of five you can.

The first three of these are known as ‘the flop’, the fourth ‘the turn’ and the fifth ‘the river’. Bets are placed before the flop, turn and river as well as after the river and it’s the unpredictable nature that makes this the most fun of poker games.


image of omaha poker

A bit like Texas Hold’em but different, this poker game will make you think a little more.

In Omaha, each player is dealt four cards instead of two. There are five community cards as well, but the difference is that a player must make the best hand using two of their own cards and four of the community cards.

Betting is exactly the same as in Texas Hold’em, but strangely the best starting hands are not considered to be the same. In Omaha, for instance, pocket aces are not seen as a strong favorite to win.

Seven Card Stud

image of seven card stud poker

The next of the poker games on the list is a former number one. Before the days of the World Series of Poker, this was the game to play.

Play starts with two face-down and one face-up card for each player and the lowest card starts the betting. Betting follows each card and the fourth, fifth and sixth cards are all dealt face up. The seventh and final card is dealt face down. The aim is in Seven Card Stud is no different than most other poker games and it’s the best five cards in your hand you’re looking for here.

2-7 Triple Draw

image of 2 7 triple draw poker

This different poker game is also known as Deuce to Seven. It is known as a lowball game and as with most other poker games on this list, it is a five card situation. It might not be among the most fun poker games but it’s brilliant in its simplicity. Aces are high and the best possible hand is 7-5-4-3-2. It’s called ‘number one’ and it’s unbeatable in this game.

Five Card Draw

image of five card draw poker

This is one of the fun poker games rather than a cash tournament. It’s one of the oldest forms of poker around and each player gets dealt five cards face down. There is then the opportunity to draw where one or more cards can be replaced.

Players bet both before and after the draw and as the name suggests and is the norm in poker, the best hand of five wins.

Omaha Hi-Lo

image of omaha hi lo poker

This is a different poker game to Omaha but contains similar elements. Players are dealt four cards face down and there is the same amount of community cards as in Omaha with the same betting rounds as well. The difference is you are looking to create a high hand and a low hand.

To win the whole pot you must have the best high and low hand and pots are often split in this game as a result. It will take a bit more practice but once mastered it is one of the most fun poker games on this list. It can also be found under its other name, Omaha/8.

There are more different poker games than the ones listed above. These are the most popular and best-known ones at the moment, but there are hundreds of versions worldwide that vary from country to country, city to city and poker room to poker room.

The fundamental feature in almost every different kind of poker game is that the best hand of five wins. Of course, being dealt cards is no real skill, but what makes for real fun poker games is the betting. Knowing when to raise or bluff or fold is what makes a good poker player and the skill can be applied to different poker games, on the above list or otherwise.