UKGC Urges Operators To Not Take Advantage Of Customers During COVID-19 Pandemic

The next couple of months look set to be a lucrative avenue for the casino operators online. Many of the casinos on land have been closed down due to the pandemic, which means the only way to play poker, roulette and blackjack will be online. However, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission have issued a warning to firms to ensure that they don’t take advantage of customers during this time.

The gambling commission encouraged all operators to maintain their responsibilities and put their players at the forefront of the operation. The watchdog urged casinos to protect their customers during this time. Their statement to operators was made shortly after the closure of many of the leading land-based betting shops and casinos around the country due to the ongoing disruption being caused by COVID-19.

Millions Going Online For Casino Games

The Gambling Commission were keen to remind the operators of their responsibilities as the number of players turning to online gaming over the coming months is likely to be huge. Much of that will be down to the fact that gamblers will not be able to visit land-based casinos. However, the fact that millions around the country will be locked in their houses is also likely to have an impact, as many try and avoid boredom.

Also, in the statement, the regulator encouraged operators to study players past behaviours. Should players be acting differently, they would be obliged to get in contact with players. This is down to the uncertain economic future currently on the horizon in the UK due to the closure of workplaces. The UKGC admits that this could be a lucrative time for casinos, but encouraged that they welcome new customers in a responsible way.

Increased Workforce For Online Casinos

Due to the expected numbers that are likely to get involved in online gaming over the coming months, the UKGC encouraged operators to ensure that they have enough staff on hand. These members of staff should be able to deal with basic queries from new customers, as well as the experienced gamblers who will have more complex questions. The UKGC closed by expressing that all operators must follow the guidance. Otherwise, they could be breaching gambling laws, which could subsequently mean a suspended license.

The Gambling Commission is expected to keep a close eye on the online operators of the coming months to ensure that none of them are taking advantage of the situation that is currently affecting people around the world. The online scene is expected to be booming after the decision was made last week for betting shops and casinos to close down to avoid the risk of contamination for members of staff. Some of the smaller companies did continue to operate towards the end of last week, but a decision by the British government changed that, as they forced the closure of all businesses that could contribute to the spread of the illness.

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