Szagos Comes Out On Top To Deny Haxton In Super Million$ Showdown

The Super Million$ events are synonymous with being captivating affairs, and the event this past week has shown that fans should always expect the unexpected.

There was a shock winner of the event on Tuesday, as Hungarian player Szagos came out on top, denying Isaac Haxton a second title in the process. It was a shock win since Szagos has not previously won a Super Million$ title, and this was only the second time that he had achieved a prize return from his performance in the event.

Haxton Denied In Super Million$

The event, which took place on Tuesday, was a $10,300 buy-in and the action on the final table was pulsating. The Hungarian player that won the event was a deserving victor in the end, as he walked away with the cash prize of $258,592 for his excellent performance. Haxton would have counted himself very unlikely not to have picked up a second Super Million$ title, as he had put himself into an excellent position to challenge for that.

However, the Canadian just couldn’t get past the Hungarian on this action, and was forced to settle for second spot on the final table. Haxton still managed to take away considerable prize returns from the event, as he won $201,950 for his performance in the event. The last two players standing were in excellent form, and always looked the most likely stars to be contesting the heads-up challenge at the conclusion of the GGPoker event.

Final Table Results

There were a number of players that made it to the final table that would be familiar to fans of the game. Goldo was the player that just missed out on the final top two spots in the event. The player from Liechtenstein finished in third ultimately, which meant returns of $157,714 from the event. He finished just a place higher on the final table than Belarmino Souza, as the Brazilian cashed out in fourth with returns of $123,168.

That finish saw him conclude the event above two Russian players, who finished in fifth and sixth on the leaderboard. Artur Martirosyan finished the higher of the two compatriots in fifth place, which saw him gain returns of $96,189 in prize money. Sergei Denisov finished just below his fellow Russian, as he was knocked out in sixth place on the final table. Still, he gained returns from the Super Million$ event of $75,120.

Austrian player Thomas Muehloecker finished the event in seventh place overall, and cashed out on returns of $58,665. The final two spaces at the final table were made up by Russian player Anatoly Filatov and Israel player Jerbi9999. The latter of those players was the first to be knocked out on the final table, as he claimed $35,779 in returns from the GGPoker event. Filatov was the first of three Russians knocked out on the final table. He still claimed $45,815 in money from the GGPoker event.

However, the event was all about the thrilling conclusion, which saw Szagos win a first Super Million$ title.