Robert McMillan Picks Up Success At WSOP 2021

There was a memorable success at the World Series of Poker 2021 over the weekend, as Robert McMillan, from Arizona, rounded off his weekend with a success in the $1,000 Seniors Championship. It was a huge success for the American player, as he won his very first gold bracelet.

It was nothing short of what McMillan deserved, as he held off a field of over 5,400 other players to win a first bracelet in the Seniors Championship. The event lasted for a grueling four days in total, but it was the player from Arizona that was left smiling at its conclusion.

McMillan Wins Gold Bracelet

It was a huge success for McMillan, as it was also the highest return that he has ever picked up from a poker event during his career. The American was in complete control in the final stages of the event, and finally got over the line to win a huge purse of $561,060. It was his highest ever cash return in a poker event, and was made extra special given that he finally got his hands on a first gold bracelet. He is also now sitting in 28th on the all time money list for players from Arizona, and 4,819th overall on the all time American money list.

McMillan spoke afterwards about his achievement, as he revealed that he had won a lifelong goal in getting his hands on the gold bracelet. However, it wasn’t until the final day that he truly believed that he could claim victory in the event. It may have been a shock to many that he made it through to the final stages of the event, but it was nothing short of what the American deserved at the event in the WSOP.

McMillan Tops Leaderboard

McMillan was by far and away the biggest winner of the event this week, as he walked away from the event in Las Vegas with prize returns of $561,060. However, he was under pressure right until the end of the competition, with Robert Davis the player putting him under the most intense pressure. Davis eventually needed to settle for second in the event, as he collected $346,743 for his performance in the WSOP event. Daniel Stebbins narrowly missed out on a place in the top two positions, as the American finished back in third and won $263,640.

Jonathan Ingalls and Christopher Cummings were the next two players in the standings, as they finished in fourth and fifth. Cummings picked up returns of $155,401 for his performances. Dennis Jensen was the only other player involved to win over $100,000 from the event. Louis Cheffy was down in seventh on the leaderboard, while Todd Hansen finished in eighth place overall. The final table was rounded off by Daniel Lujano, who was the first player knocked out on the final table, as he finished in ninth place overall for $58,425.