Huge First WSOP Online Win For Leonardo Mattos This Week

There have been a huge variety of new golden bracelet winners over the past couple of weeks, and another name was added to that list of new winners this week. Leonardo Mattos was the latest player to record success in the WSOP Online as he outlasted all other competitors to win the $2500 NLHE. The event was one of the more gruelling of the event so far, as play lasted for just under eleven hours.

The success marks the fourth for a Brazilian during the event, as Mattos was able to see off Christopher Putz in the final heads-up challenge. Mattos’ success saw him claim $399,047 of the prize fund, which stood at $2.5 million. In total, there were 1,061 players involved in the competition, with the top 152 players taking their slice of the prize money. As well as winning the illustrious golden bracelet, Mattos also claimed a WSOP European package.

Massive Success For Mattos

It was a huge success for the Brazilian as it marked his biggest prize return to date. Prior to this success, his biggest win came as he finished seventh in an event last year and picked up just under $99,000. This was Mattos’ first success on the WSOP scene, as the closest that he had come to a win prior to this came when he finished in 216th in the Every 1 For Covid Relief event.

Brazilian players have often been ones to keep an eye on, and Mattos now joins an illustrious group of Brazilians that have won a WSOP Online event. There are currently nine in total from the country that have recorded success during the standout event on the poker calendar, with Mattos joining players such as Marcelo Jakovljevic Pudla, Luis Assuncao Garla and Yuri Dzivielevski. Putz will also be proud of his performance during the event as he has now earned more than $500,00 in total career earning throughout his poker journey.

Remainder Of The Field

Putz took home $298,296 as the Austrian finished second in the sevent behind Mattos. Meanwhile, the next two players in the standings were Pedro Madeira and Nethanel Klein. They won $216,473 and $157,095 respectively for their performances. Medeira was one of the other Brazilians to finish in the top eight of the standings during this event. Antonio Pedro was the highest placed player from Croatia, as he claimed $114,004 after finishing fifth.

Canadian Kevin Gibson finished in sixth place as he took home $82,733, while the final Brazilian in the standings, Fabiano Kovalski finished in seventh place and was rewarded with $60,039 in prize money for his achievement. There was a player from the United Kingdom to round off the top eight, as Yiannis Liperis finished as the highest player from the UK. As a reward, he took home $43,570 in prize money for his performances.

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