Shawn Daniels Bounces Back By Winning High Roller Event

The poker action continued this past weekend, as the second Venetian DeepStack Championship Poker Series high roller event took place. It was a redemption story for Shawn Daniels, as he fought back to win the event, just days after he came second in the first high roller event.

The action during the event will continue this coming week, as there will be two MSPT Main Events taking place. However, the action this past weekend was headlined by Daniels, and the character that he showed to bounce back after finishing as the runner-up behind Ali Imsirovic just days earlier.

Daniels Wins Lucrative Event

It was an excellent event this past weekend, as the high roller field attracted 65 entrants. The field was slightly down from the first event, which saw 77 players take part. Daniels would have been delighted with his performance in the event, as he once again was in contention down the final stretch. However, this time, he was able to get the win, which saw him take earnings from the opening two events to over $321,000.

The second event was part of the PokerGo Tour, with players able to earn points towards a final leaderboard. There are still a number of events to take place on the event calendar, but Daniels performances over the past week or so ensures that he is sitting pretty with a large number of accumulated points. He picked up 176 tour points from his performance in the second high roller event, as he picked up prize money in the region of $175,500 for his excellent showing. Sergi Reixach was the player pushing the player in the closing stages, but Reixach needed to settle for second on the leaderboard. He was still able to claim 130 tour points and $130,000 in prize money.

Remaining Players On Leaderboard

There was a drop in prize money and tour points after the top two on the leaderboard, as Daniels and Reixach were the only two players to pick up prize money greater than $100,000 as well as over 100 tour points. Chris Brewer was the player that narrowly missed out on the top two spots, as he finished in third. He was still able to pick up 85 points, and returns of $84,500. John Morgan and Cary Katz were the players to finish in fourth and fifth, with Morgan claiming 65 points and $65,000 in prize money from the second high roller event. Katz claimed the 52 tour points and $52,000 in prize money.

Vincent Bosca, Seth Davies and Shannon Shorr were the next three players on the leaderboard. Bosca was the highest placed finisher of the three, as he claimed $39,000 in prize money and 39 tour points. The final ten on the final table were rounded off by Sean Winter and John Riordan. Winter finished in ninth, and picked up 26 tour points and $26,000 in prize money. Meanwhile, Riordan picked up 20 tour points for finishing in tenth.