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Poker Playboy Dan Bilzerian Wanted in Azerbaijan


Dan Bilzerian – one of poker’s most famous playboys – is wanted by the Azerbaijan authorities. The police have issued a warrant for his arrest after he posted videos on Instagram of him firing weapons and driving armoured vehicles in the country’s mountainous region.

Opening Fire in Azerbaijan

Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan has accused the self proclaimed “King of Instagram” with illegally acquiring grenades and other firearms and ‘demonstratively’ opening fire. This all happened very shortly after Bilzerian became an Armenian citizen and registered with the country’s armed forces.

The footage received over 2 million likes on Instagram within the first two days of it being posted. Bilzerian is known for posting outrageous and outlandish content on his social media pages, but this particular video could land him in some series hot water.

The area in which the footage was shot is located in the region of Nagorno Karabakh, which is a disputed territory that is recognized as being part of Azerbaijan.  The Azerbaijan government was not pleased with Bilzerian illegally obtaining firearms and shooting in the area, and he is now internationally wanted.

Bilzerian has spoken out about the arrest warrant, and noted that no one else on the trip was charged. He argues that it is because he is a public figure and that the Azerbaijan government wants to make an example out of him. He stated that he will fight the charges.

Will Bilzerian Have to Serve in the Armenian Army?

It was at the end of August that Dan and his brother Adam became Armenian citizens, as they are of the country’s decent. The brothers received their passports and then almost immediately went out to purchase firearms.

According to the Armenian government’s website, male citizens must participate in military service. If they fail to meet these obligations, they become wanted under the Armenian legislation. So, not only is Dan in trouble for being irresponsible with his firearms, he could also face prosecution for dodging the draft.

However, the penalty for doing so won’t make much a dent in Bilzerian’s bank account. There is a fine of 3.6 million Armenian Dram for those who avoid serving, which is just 0ver $7300. Considering Dan Bilzerian is worth over $150 million, some of which comes from his poker tournament winnings, he is unlikely to feel any sort of financial pinch as a result.

His punishment for the firearms could be much more severe, however. It is certainly a serious offence, as a source for the Azerbaijan government told Armenian Public Radio that Interpol will be on the hunt for “the criminal”.