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New Blockchain-Powered Poker Site to Redefine Freerolls


nOS Poker, a new blockchain-based poker site featuring an innovative loyalty system has recently hosted its very first freeroll with real prizes as part of its plan to redefine the concept of poker freerolls as we know it. In essence, the site offers players the world’s first free online Proof of Loyalty poker games where the players can play poker for free and then win real crypto prizes.

How It Works

Before getting to the intricate technicalities of the site, the simplest explanation of its process is that it simply uses blockchain technology to combine digital currencies and multi-table tournaments (MTTs) in a completely new way. To understand the inner workings of the casino, all you need to understand is the way regular poker tournaments work and pay special attention to freerolls, which are the aspect that set this online poker site apart from all the rest.

While the concept of freerolls is certainly not new to the gaming industry, the registration process for nOS poker tournaments differs significantly from what we are accustomed to. Referred to as a “proof or loyalty” the nOS system required the players to hold a given number of digital tokens before they can ante up. To participate, the players have to register before the tournament starts.

Interestingly, even though every freeroll has a “required token balance” and a prize of its own, the games are totally free since no credits are taken from the digital currency balance of the player. Moreover, the system allows any tokenized project to be used to sponsor a tournament which means that the company is, therefore, able to create its own cryptocurrency and then nOS will build an MTT around it. This feature is extremely useful primarily because it has the potential to significantly increase the number of digital coins that a company may have in circulation – since the players need to have a specific number of coins to participate, they are incentivized to either buy or top up their digital coin balances.

Revolutionary Project

The initial run of the tournament which acted as both a stress test and beta went down on Saturday, March 9 with the minimum balance that players were required to have in their accounts being 500 NOS. Since then the poker site has promised to host multiple free tournaments every single day. In addition to that, the company is also accepting applications from any tokenized project that is willing to sponsor the tournaments.

Despite the fact that nOS poker may not completely revolutionize both the crypto and gambling industries it has managed to introduce a totally new dimension to the game by proving that blockchain technology can be used for more than just Random Number Generators (RGNs) and payments.