Lithuanian Star Wins Huge Amount In PokerStars Big Blowout

The poker action continues to roll on in 2021, and there was a massive victory this week for a Lithuanian player. ‘Arbaarba’ won a massive cash prize of $739,976 at this week’s PokerStars Big Blowout event.

The prize pot for the event stood at a massive $6,922,000 after 6,922 players entered the event. That was a huge increase on the guaranteed prize pot, which was meant to be $5 million. The Lithuanian player was able to get a win in the end after a cutting a deal in the final three-handed play.

Arbaarba Holds Off Competition

The Lithuanian star would have been delighted with his performance in the event, as he put himself in a strong position to cut a deal with the final two other players that were left standing. Those players were Fernando Viana and Lonnie Hallett. Viana needed to settle for a place in second position, and picked up returns of $771,416 as a reward. Meanwhile, Hallett claimed third place on the leaderboard, which returned him $646,189. All three players were involved in the trade to bring an end to the PokerStars Big Blowout event.

There were a number of other recognisable online poker names included, with ‘Milanov88’ claiming fourth spot in the competition. The player picked up $339,831 for his performance. Meanwhile, Vlad Darie and Elke Onodera took fifth and sixth spots in the final table. Darie picked up $238,483 in returns, while Onodera picked up $167,361 in returns. ‘Adkaf’ was the next player on the leaderboard, as he finished in seventh spot and claimed $117,448. ‘xMFPx’ was able to claim eighth spot in the final table, which returned the player $82,422 in returns from the event. The final player in the top nine was ‘Gordon_dReid’, who managed to pick up $57,841 for his strong finish to the event.

World Poker Tour Sold

There was also huge news that broke on Tuesday, as it was revealed that the World Poker Tour had been sold. The deal means that Element Partners LLC has now acquired all of the Allied eSports Entertainment’s poker services. The deal was agreed for an eye-watering sum, as the buying party agreed to pay $68.25 million in their first instalment.

There will also be a second instalment paid over the next three years, which will equate to £10 million. It is expected that the deal will go through without any hiccups, and the board of directors at eSports Entertainment will agree to the deal at a meeting towards the end of this week. In 2019, the World Poker Tour and Allied eSports Entertainment merged after a deal was agreed involving Lyle Berman for $150 million. There would be no need for concern for poker players around the world, as there isn’t expected to be any effect on the events that are due to take place.