Joseph Hubert Claims Victory In Poker Gras Main Event

It has been a busy start to August for poker players around the world, and one of the most exciting events that was staged was part of the Gulf Coast Poker Tour. The event was one of the standouts on the circuit this summer, and the featured competition was the Poker Gras Festival.

Winners of the second ever Annual Gulf Coast Poker Awards were also named after the event, with Joseph Hebert named the winning player in the main event. That success saw him named the player of the year, as well as picking up a cash prize to mark his victory.

Hebert Claims Win In Event

It was a lucrative event that was the main event of the competition, with Joe Hebert coming out on top. The Main Event offered a guaranteed $100,000 to players, and was a hugely popular event that players wanted to get involved in. In total, there were nearly 500 players involved in the competition, which meant that the players inside the top 50 in the final standings all claimed their share of the purse. There were some prestigious players that finished outside of the final table but still got considerable returns. Among those were Preston McEwen, Terry Moore and Justin Hammer.

However, it was Hebert that was the star of the show, as he honoured the memory of his late mother. Hebert was certainly among the form players in the event, as he came into this year by winning the Million Dollar Heater. Victory in this event continued his excellent form. As a prize for his victory in the Poker Gras Main Event, he won $39,716 in returns. Hebert was challenged for the title by John Jenkins and Roger Javier, but the challengers had to settle for places in second and third. Jenkins still won $32,479, while Javier won $25,586.

Other Winners In Competition

Taylor Aguillard, Sidney Farber and Chase Turner also won decent purses from the event. Meanwhile, David Chocheles, Nekoda Foster and Michael Monaghan rounded off the table of players in the main event. Monaghan finished just inside the final table, and won returns of $4,720 for his efforts. However, it was by no means the only event that was played this past month.

The event got underway with the $300 Monster Stack, which was the most popular of the events that were staged, with 660 players involved to create a pool of $164,682. Kris Kent won the event and picked up $26,902. Other winners over the past couple of months, included Peng Zheng and John Marcello. Zheng won the third-highest purse of the event in the Old School Freezeout, as he topped a field of 59 to win $22,125. Meanwhile, Marcello won the final event on the 8th August, which was the NLH Deep Stack and picked up prize money of $9,170.

Another successful event means that it will be likely to return once again, which will be a welcome sight for real poker players around the world.