Jack Hardcastle wins £125,450 at Goliath X GUKPT

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Jack Hardcastle won another six-figure tournament, the Goliath X GUKPT Main Event in Coventry. Hardcastle won the GUKPT Leeds Main Event in 2021 and is now a two-time GUKPT champion.

Goliath X GUKPT Main Event Final Table Results

The top 47 finishers split £494,100. Ireland’s Eoin Starr was the first player to cash. Starr won £1,900.

Forty-seven players recouped their £1,000 investment, including Rupinder Bedi, Robbie Bull, Usman Siddique, John Hesp, Andrew Hedley, and Paul Rigg.

All but two of the nine finalists won at least five figures. Anonymous players “M.B.” and “I.B.” each won £7,150.

1Jack Hardcastle£125,450
2John Adderley£85,400
3Yucel Eminoglu£50,750
4Francis Obadun£31,300
5Mitchell Hynam£20,400
6Dayne Tinnuche£14,700
7Lorenc Boci£10,900

Lorenc Boci, the winner of the £1,000 888Poker Cup in London in April 2022, finished seventh for £10,900 before Dayne Tinnuche took sixth for a career-best £14,700.

Mitchell Hynam finished fifth and won £20,400, a career-high. Hynam’s previous best finish was sixth in the 2022 GUKPT Coventry Main Event, won by Joe Hindry.

Nobody would have looked down on the final four if they’d cut their pay hikes. The skilled quartet continued the tournament’s original path without a deal.

Francis Obadun won £31,300, his second-biggest payday. Obadun finished second in Boci’s £1,000 888Poker Cup.

Yucel “Mad Turk” Eminoglu took third, winning £50,750. Eminoglu’s best live poker finish was runner-up in the 2021 GUKPT Grand Final (£183,650).

Hardcastle faces Liverpool’s John Adderley after Eminoglu’s demise. Adderley finished second in the 2022 GUKPT Manchester Main Event before losing to Hardcastle. With this bridesmaid finish, Hardcastle won his second GUKPT title and another £125,400.

Ciaran Duffy

Ciaran Duffy won $2,877 in live poker tournaments before entering the £1,500 Goliath X High Roller. Now Duffy has £61,750 after winning £214,500.

Duffy beat Gajanthan Kamalanathan heads-up. The Glaswegian runner-up won £40,150, his largest live result and first five-figure sum.

Duffy was the deserving winner of the nine contestants.

“J.C.” won $5,750 after “Tan Le” finished ninth with $5,150. Matt Davenport finished seventh for £6,800, and Jack O’Neill placed sixth for £8,650.

Chris Wood won £11,950. This is Wood’s second-largest GUKPT prize, behind the £15,390 he won in 2017’s Blackpool Main Event.

Goliath X High Roller Final Table Results

1Ciaran Duffy£61,750
2Gajanthan Kamalanathan£40,150
3Anthony Hughes£25,750
4Minvydas Kersulis£17,300
5Chris Wood£11,950
6Jack O’Neill£8,650
7Matt Davenport£6,800
9Tan Le£5,150

Goliath X has over 5,000 Entrants

Four of eight Goliath X flights are complete, and the tournament has over 5,000 attendees. Five thousand five hundred twenty-four gamers have paid in for £120, and 537 have punched their Day 2 tickets.

Four more flights indicate a 10,000+ field, meaning a £1 million+ prize fund for such a low buy-in.

Day 1E competitors must park in Car Park C on August 31 since Coventry City Football Club has a home game that evening. The tournament is held at Coventry City’s stadium.

Wed, August 3112 pm£150Goliath Flight E
Thu, September 112 pm£150Goliath Flight F
Fri, September 211 am£150Goliath Flight G Turbo
Fri, September 26 pm£150Goliath Flight H Turbo
Sat, September 311 amGoliath Day 2
Sun, September 411 amGoliath Day 3