Huge Win For ‘Yarik1903’ In The 888Millions Sunday Special This Past Weekend

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There was another exciting weekend of poker action for fans to enjoy over the weekend, with the most exciting event being the 888Millions Sunday Special. There was a huge amount of money up for grabs in the prize fund, with $100,000 up for grabs in total. However, the biggest winner in this competition over the weekend was ‘Yarik1903’, who walked away with nearly $20,000.

It showcased a huge amount won by the player, as he only paid a buy-in price of $215. The competition lasted for nearly nine hours, before the eventual winner was able to walk away with the top prize. There were also 345 players involved in the Sunday Special, with 113 re-buys throughout the event.

Big Success For ‘Yarik1903’

It was all about ‘Yarik1903’ in this competition however, as he always had an answer when the chips looked to be stacking up against him. This success was the first that has been achieved by the Ukrainian player, with the winning amount of $19,350 seeing him surpass career-earnings with 888Poker to just over $250,000. Meanwhile, the success means that he has now won just over $2.5 million during his career.

It was a special victory for the online player too, as it surpassed the highest amount of cash that he has won during an 888Poker event. The previous highest that he had won was the $17,500 funds that he received for finishing fifth back in an event in January 2018. However, there was no doubting that he was well worth the $19,350 that he took home after toping the final leaderboard this past weekend, and gamblers will be keeping a closer eye on his when the next 888Poker competition rolls around.

Final 888Million Sunday Special Leaderboard

The Ukrainian was the star of the show, as he walked away with top spot, but there were also a number of other stars that finished in the top nine. German player Holdababy was second on the leaderboard, and they walked away with $14,500 in prize money. ‘WestCliff26’ was the player to finish third in the rankings, as he took home just over $10,000 in prize money. He was the only other player to walk away with at least $10,000 from the 888Million Sunday Special event.

Stewart Kilpatrick was the highest placed player from the United Kingdom on the list, as he settled for a place in fourth. He walked away with $8,825 in prize money for his performance. Meanwhile, KToFTW and Tkaliber were the next two players on the list, as they walked away with respective prize money of $5,700 and $4,400.

AutisPosti was another player from Malta to finish in the top nine, as he secured a place in seventh and claimed $3,400 in prize money. Hungarian ‘kiskutya23’ finished in eighth and took home $2,400 in prize money. Meanwhile, the final player on the leaderboard was Ben Warrington, who was the only other player from the United Kingdom in the top nine. He took home $1,750 for his performance.