Grosvenor Poker Goliath X: Get Ready!

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This weekend’s Grosvenor Poker Goliath Main Event should be the biggest ever. The prize pool is expected to reach seven figures for a £150 tournament.

Grosvenor Poker Goliath X Main Event Schedule

For £150, each player gets a 25,000-chip starting stack and must pass 16 levels to reach Day 2. Starting flights A through F will have 30-minute clocks for the first eight levels, then 40-minute clocks for levels 9-16. 20-minute turbo flights.

The first Day 1 flight is at 12 pm on Saturday, August 27.

Saturday, September 3 at 11 am, blinds increase every 40 minutes. Day 2 will end after 16 levels or four tables. Next day’s Day 3 will play down to a winner.

Grosvenor Poker has £1 satellites. These feed into £11 rebuy and £30 Freezeout Goliath X satellites, each is guaranteeing two £150 seats. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 8:10 pm is the £11 rebuy, while Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are the £30 Freezeouts.

Sat, Aug 2712 p.m. £150Goliath Flight A
Sun, Aug 2812 p.m. £150Goliath Flight B
Mon, Aug 2912 p.m. £150Goliath Flight C
Tue, Aug 3012 p.m.£150Goliath Flight D
Wed, Aug 3112 p.m.£150Goliath Flight E
Thu, Sept 112 p.m.£150Goliath Flight F
Fri, Sept 211 a.m.£150Goliath Flight G Turbo
Fri, Sept 26 p.m.£150Goliath Flight H Turbo
Sat, Sept 311 a.m.Goliath Day 2
Sun, Sept 4 11 a.m.Goliath Day 3

Side Events on Tap

As part of the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT), players can compete in various additional tournaments. Poker players of any skill level shouldn’t have any trouble finding a tournament that meets their needs and objectives.

Thu, August 2512 m.p.£1,000GUKPT Main 1A
Fri, August 2612 m.p.£1,000GUKPT Main 1B
Fri, August 266 m.p.£110Women’s Championship
Fri, August 266 m.p.£61RedTooth Bounty Open Event
Fri, August 269 m.p.£1,000GUKPT Main 1C Turbo
Sat, August 2711 a.m.GUKPT Main Day 2
Sat, Aug 272:15 m.p.Women’s Championship Day 2
Sat, August 272 m.p.£86RedTooth Malta52 Open Event
Sun, August 281 m.p.£61 per playerRedTooth 2 Player Tag Open Event
Sun, August 282:15 m.p.GUKPT Main Day 3
Sun, August 284 m.p.£1,650High Roller Day 1
Sun, August 288 m.p.£66Redtooth Turbo Open Event
Sun, August 287 m.p.£440Mystery Bounty Flight 1A
Mon, August 292:15 m.p.High Roller Day 2
Mon, August 297 m.p.£440Mystery Bounty Flight 1B
Tues, August 306 m.p.£1504/5/6 Omaha
Tues, August 307 m.p.£440Mystery Bounty Flight 1C
Wed, August 314:15 m.p.£440Mystery Bounty Flight Day 2
Wed, August 316:30 m.p.£100Joker’s Wild
Thurs, September 14:15 m.p.Mystery Bounty Flight Day 3
Sat, September 32 m.p.£74Redtooth RPT
Sun, September 412 m.p.£89 per playerRedTooth 4 Player Tag Open Event
Sun, September 42 m.p.£170Turbo
Sun, September 43 m.p.£150Seniors

Goliath Main Event Past Winners

2011£1201,765£176,500Lee Rawson£32,705
2012£1201,954£200,000Les Fenton£35,800
2013£1202,570£257,000Jake Skidmore£29,690
2014£1203,394£339,400Ryan Foster£62,320
2015£1204,210£421,000Miikka Toika£70,800
2016£1205,232£523,200Vamshi Vandanapu£62,750
2017£1206,385£638,500Elliot Marais£85,760
2018£1257,584£758,400Florian Duta (pictured)£101,450
2019£1259,300£911,410Lee Reynolds£64,601
2020 – online£1252,013£231,495“WRDortmund7”£42,248
2021 – online£1102,722£272,200“Whityestar”£54,460