Casinos In The United Kingdom Set To Open Next Month

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The world of casinos has been rocked following the outbreak of the coronavirus. Almost every land-based establishment in the world was forced to close their doors for a number of weeks, but there could finally be light at the end of the tunnel. The online world has been able to thrive throughout the pandemic with millions of customers deciding to go online to get their fix of poker action. However, the return to land-based establishments could soon be on the horizon in the United Kingdom.

It would certainly be a welcome announcement for poker players, as casinos in the United Kingdom have been closed since the end of March. However, the Betting and Gaming Council in the UK has now revealed that casinos can begin to reopen their doors from the 4th July. The entertainment and leisure sectors have been hit hardest in the UK, with many restaurants and pubs closed throughout the early part of the summer. It is believed that there will be a number of these establishments that will be unable to open their doors again.

Welcome Return To Casinos

The date that has been set was initially given last month, with the British government hopeful of re-opening the sector on the 4th July. That date would mark the third and final phase of getting life back to normal for people in the UK, with high street shops reopening this week and certain school years going back to school. It is now believed that the 4th could be the announced date, after the BGC have confirmed that they are aiming for that date.

It is also believed that there will be an extensive number of measures put in place to ensure that there is no risk of contamination in the casino. The establishments in the USA have been using technology to look at body temperature. However, it has not been revealed whether that same tech will be used in the UK. There will be measures in place however, with casinos likely needing to implement safety measures such as hand sanitizer and face masks.

Extra Emphasis On Health And Safety

The UK casinos will likely be using the American casinos as the blueprint to ensuring that the reopening of these establishments is seamless. As well as face masks and hand sanitizer, there will also likely be a cap on the number of players that will be able to attend the casino at one time. This will minimise the risk of contamination and also ensure that fewer players will be sitting at a table at one time.

There will also be increased responsibilities on cleaners, as they will be asked to clean the electric machines more frequently. Furthermore, as well as the machines, it has also been reported that the cash machines will also be cleaned on a regular basis, with cleaners likely to clean these at least once every hour. Barriers will also be in place to ensure that staff members are kept safe.