Billyray Gallegos Overcomes Field To Win Bally’s Black Hawk Main Event

There was some gripping sporting action around the world over the weekend, with the American Football fans being treated to captivating viewing in the conference games. However, there was equally some impressive performances at the poker table this past weekend, with the MSPT Bally’s Black Hawk Main Event being one of the standout events that were taking place.

A huge field of 683 players were involved in the event, but after a long and grueling eleven hours of action, it was Billyray Gallegos that was standing tall as the winner of the event to pick up his share of the $300,000 prize pool.

Gallegos Stands Tall At End Of Event

It was a captivating event for fans of poker to watch, as the number of players was diminished from 683 to 80 for the final day of competition. Players involved in the event needed to pay a buy-in price of $1,110 to be involved, but it was eventually Billyray Gallegos that was the one celebrating the victory. Gallegos hails from Denver, Colorado, and was in fine form throughout the competition to take his prize winnings during his career to a record new high. Going into the event, the American had won just over $7,000 throughout his career.

That was given a huge injection following this victory, as he picked up prize money of $104,890 after coming out on top in this event. Gallegos was evidently delighted with his performance in the event, as his decision to leave a full-time job to take up poker on a full-time basis was vindicated. The star admitted that he sensed that his huge break was coming, as he revealed afterwards that he got dressed up for the final day of action since he believed that his breakthrough moment was on the horizon.

Competitive Final Day of Competition

Gallegos may have sensed that the victory was coming, but that doesn’t take away from what was a very competitive final day of competition in the Bally’s Black Hawk Main Event. The top ten from the opening day continued to chip away at one another on the final table throughout day two. However, Ronald Scott couldn’t keep going in the competition, eventually finishing just under 2,000,000 chips behind the eventual winner. However, he still claimed returns of $93,369 for his performance in the competition, which was the deserving outcome.

Brady Bullard finished a place further back in third in the standings for $81,347. Meanwhile, Chris Gfull and Jared Ingles were fourth and fifth, respectively. Sam Husar was next on the final table leaderboard, as the player from Harrison City won $25,779. Vincent Moscati from New York was seventh for $19,830. Finally, Colin Gordon and Devin Garcia rounded off the final nine players on the leaderboard, while Garcia earned returns of $11,898.