Andrew Moreno Among Big Name Winners At The DeepStack Championship Poker Series

The DeepStack Championship Poker Series has been one of the biggest ongoing poker events for the past month. The action has been taking place at the Venetian in Las Vegas since the beginning of May, and will continue to run with huge events taking place until the start of August.

There have been 62 events to this point, with the half way stage coming this past weekend. In total, there has been just under $14 million in prize money won by players, with 18,000 players getting involved. However, two of the most eye-catching events were staged this weekend, with Andrew Moreno among the winners.

Moreno Wins $1,100 No-Limit Hold’em

There was a huge victory for Andrew Moreno in the 58th event of the series, as he was crowned the victorious player in the $1,100 No-Limit Hold’em. The event was a hugely popular one with players, as the purse for the event was doubled to $611,520. The increased purse available meant that players as low as 72nd in the standings were able to take home returns from the event. Among the players to finish outside of the final table to win returns were Aaron Massey and Dyland Wilkerson.

However, it was to be Andrew Moreno that was standing tall at the end of play, as he picked up $127,740 for winning the event. It was a landmark victory for the star, as it now means that he has won over $1 million during his poker career. Michael Rossitto finished in second in the event, and claimed $84,969, while Ilyas Muradi was back in third. Other players on the final table included Kathryn Lindsay, Sebastien Grax and Stephen Foutty.

Vaughan Wins Event

Moreno wasn’t the only big winner over the past seven days, as Matthew Vaughan also came out on top in the 56th event of the schedule, as he won the $1,100 No-Limit Hold’em. There were 330 players involved in the event, which saw the purse for the event reach a height of $320,100. That increased prize fund meant that players that finished in the top 36 positions all went home with considerable cash prizes.

However, business really picked up at the event in the closing stages, as there was a tense heads-up challenge between Vaughan and Austin Srur. However, the latter of the players needed to settle for second in the end. Vaughan’s victory saw him claim the total prize of $57,758, while the player in second still picked up prize money of $48,333.

Other players in the top five included Joseph Henry, Bradley Ritschel and Barrett Feighner, who finished in places third, fourth and five respectively. Yong Han was the first player to exit the event on the final table, while he was followed by first Boulos Estafanous and then Patrick Hendershott. Michael McFall finished in sixth place in the event.