Talking Hit Poker Strategy with Jonathon Little

Jonathon Little is a noted poker champion and has won over $6 million in total over his many poker championships that he has successfully competed in. However, when he recently visited the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure he was not there as a player hoping to cash in the prize money, but rather as a commentator seeking to add value and hopefully shed some light on the strategies and antics of the high rollers.

How Brynn Kennedy Was a Shoe-In!

In the $100 000 minimum buy-in Super High Roller game, the antics were spectacular and therefore we will delve into the winning strategies behind the steep victory that Brynn Kennedy acquired this past weekend. Brynn Kennedy managed to leverage for himself a significant chip lead over the last four players within the event. Kennedy was able to snag a total of 80 big blinds, which is overwhelmingly impressive when compared to the other players who only managed to acquire around 20 blinds each.

This was hugely beneficial as the three brief stacks that were played out during this time are always bolstered in order to ensure that there will be no risky business or a player who seeks to hold out and draw the winning amount even higher. And if you’re wondering yes by this stage the total prize money for this event was extremely lucrative and far over a $100 000.

However this regularly causes the players to engage in what is known as a blind-down war, this is due to the short card stacks offered are highly unlikely to win the championship therefore many raise all in with short stacks so that they can push the value of their fortune up as much as possible. However, Kennedy did not make full use of the tactic as he only had half of all of his chips in the game.

A strong tactic of Kennedy’s during the event was to put all of his chips in but over a wide range, this greatly disadvantaged his opponents as they could not make a wide enough range of blinds as he was able to and therefore eroded his opponent’s ability to make smaller limps out and therefore reel more back in. This tactic was incredibly risky and could have been the missing pièce in order to unlock the title of winner for this event, however, he was unable to win since he lost every single hand where he put his chips all in. Brynn Kennedy ended up coming third overall in the event.