Stephen Chidwick Claims Victory in $10K NLH

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The Poker Masters event has continued to captivate poker fans from around the world, and the race for the Purple jacket took another twist on Tuesday evening, as Stephen Chidwick closed the gap on the players at the top of the standings.

The British player has been in outstanding form throughout the high roller events over the past couple of months, and that continued this week, as he claimed victory in the seventh event of the Poker Masters, the $10K NLH. His victory never really looked to be in much doubt, as he always held a dominant advantage from the first day of competition.

Chidwick Maintains Advantage

Chidwick was in a very commanding position after just one day of the event, as he held a lead of nearly 3,000.000 chips. The final table only consisted of five players, and the result never looked to be in question, as Chidwick continued to chip away at the other players he was in direct competition with. The English star has accumulated over $36 million in winnings throughout his career, and is the highest-earner in British poker history. He also sits seventh on the all-time money list. His biggest cash return to date came when he cashed in for just over $5 million.

His career earnings were increased further with this victory on Tuesday, as he cashed in for $183,600 following his excellent performance. In the process, he also picked up 184 points in the race for the Purple Jacket. It would be seriously hard to bet against the British star going on to win the whole event after this excellent showing. The other players in the competition had no answer, but the other stars on the final table still pick up decent returns for their performances.

Final Table Results

The dominant performance by Chidwick meant that the other four players on the final table were simply vying for the best possible finish in the event. Dylan DeStefano was the nearest player in terms of positions on the leaderboard to Chidwick, as he finished second and cashed out for $136,000 and 136 Poker Masters points. AP Louis Garza was third in the event and picked up returns of $88,400 and also 88 points.

Brekstyn Schutten was back in fourth place, as he walked away from the seventh Poker Masters event with $68,000 in winnings, as well as the 68 points that he had won for his performance. The final player on the final table was Dan Smith, who was also the first player eliminated on the final day of play. The American still claimed $54,400 in returns for his strong performance in the Poker Masters event, as well as 54 points.

It promises to be an exciting finish to the Poker Masters with a number of players involved. Chidwick’s win puts him at seventh in the overall standings, having won 232 points. Brock Wilson is the current leader having picked up 358 points, while Chris Brewer and Daniel Negreanu are second and third with 320 and 281 points. Negreanu recently won the fifth event of the Poker Masters competition.