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Shchepkin Takes PokerStars and Monte Carlo National High Roller Win

PokerStars and Monte Carlo National High Roller

The update for the European Poker Tour is full of surprises, including the National High Roller Win that has occurred for Dmitry Shchepkin. He is the latest winner of the European Poker Tour “silverware” from Monte Carlo Casino and PokerStars. Shchepkin joined in the 2,000-euro National High Roller tournament. He gained 173,000 euro for the win.

Dmitry Shchepkin tripled his best score. The Russian was up against Dario Sammartino from Italy. Sammartino is going home with 109K euro, after taking second place. The National High Roller is a two-day tournament. There were 462 entries, which were made by 358 players. The grand prize pool was 924k euro, which was divided into 71 winners. Shchepkin took the most home. Other cash winners include Leo Margets, Lily Kiletto, Rainer Kempe, and Jan Bendik. The second day of the tournament only 55 people were standing with a hope of gaining the win.

Shchepkin became the winner after spending twelve hours playing the tournament.

More EPT Wins

Mikita played well and held on for two days in an attempt to win the 100k high stakes tournament from Monte Carlo Casino and PokerStars. The best win was made by Sam Greenwood when he managed to knock everyone else out of the competition after several hours of play.

Hongling Jiang placed ninth during the 2,000-euro game with Dmitry. He was at the final table with 15 big blinds under his belt and unfortunately, could not hold the game after fifteen minutes. He left in the ninth position. Jiang was against Christopher Chaudey who had a king and ten, where Jiang only had a queen ten. Chaudey is a New Zealand born player.

Alexandre Reard finished eighth taking home 20,000 euro. It was down to six big blinds when he was able to go in for a chance, but Raffaele Carnevale had the better position. Reard should be a name you recognize if you watched the World Series of Poker Main Event. He finished sixteenth but also has $1.6 million in winnings during his poker career.

Isabel Baltazar may have helped Reard out of the game; however, she did not last. She was knocked out in the seventh position due to a set of fives held by Karim Abdelmoumene. She will take home a little over 28,500 euro for her play. Chaudey left in sixth, Smain Mamouni in fourth, and that put Karim Abdelmoumene in third place.