Sebastien Grax Wins Huge Super Million$ Event This Week

There aren’t many bigger poker events that have taken place this week than the Super Million$ event, which was $10,300-entry. It was a stunning competition, which went to the wire to determine the winner of the event. There were a host a recognisable faces involved in the competition, with Sebastien Grax being the player that was able to steal a march on his opponents. Grax, who is a former footballer, won the title after beating his compatriot ElkY in the final stretch.

That result meant that he was able to walk away with the $321,948 of prize money, which was a staggering result. This hasn’t been the only big gambling occasion this week, as millions of dollars around the world have been gambled on the US Election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, with a winner still yet to be decided despite the polls closing just over 24 hours ago.

Final Table Breakdown

There was huge prize money around the final table, with Canadian player Ami Barer taking home $42,160 after finishing in ninth place in the Super Million$ event. Timothy Nuter was the next player to fall, as the American claimed $54,357 in prize money. Swedish star Niklas Astedt was the player to finish in seventh place, and he claimed $70,084 for his great performance.

Elio Fox was one of two players from the United Kingdom to finish in the top nine, as he took home $90,361. His compatriot Ludovic Geilich finished in fourth place and claimed $150,212. Sandwiched in between the two British players was ElkY, who claimed $116,505. It would have been a disappointing end for the Frenchman, as he did lead at one point in the competition.

Rebuyguy was one of the final three players left in the event, but he was the first one to crash out. The player from Costa Rica claimed $193,671 in prize money for his excellent performance at that table. Meanwhile, the final player to fall in the competition was Christian Rudolph, as the German star took home just under $250,000. However, it would be Sebatien Grax that would be crowned the winner of the event, as the Frenchman claimed the prize money of $321,948.

More Land Based Casinos Close Down

The second spike of the coronavirus has already had a damaging effect on the land based casinos in the United Kingdom, with all of them having to close their doors for the next month due to the imposing of another lockdown by Boris Johnson. Some casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada have been forced to follow in these footsteps, as it has been revealed that poker rooms in the Excalibur, The Mirage and Mandalay Bay have been forced to close their doors on a ‘temporary’ basis.

This announcement will come as another blow for the land based poker industry, and it isn’t expected that these three poker rooms as the biggest casinos in Vegas will be opening their doors again at any point in the future.