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Sam Greenwood Wins High Roller in Amsterdam


Sam Greenwood will take home over $154,000 from the 10,300 euro High Roller World Poker Tour in Amsterdam. Greenwood joined the high roller tourney with plenty of the other world-renowned players and managed to beat everyone else at the table. Clyde Tjau Foe came in second and won $88,305. Greenwood began the tourney with the most chips and held on throughout the day. Thomas Muhlocker, Rainer Kempe, and Ryan Riess were all knocked out of contention with Greenwood playing each hand smartly.

In fact, the favorites, Kempe, Muhlocker, and Riess were not even in the top four positions. The three men ended up in fifth, sixth, and seventh place, respectively. Will Givens took third place, with Zhong Chen in fourth. The top nine winners take home winnings on a sliding scale.

Raoul Refos was the first to lose the win going out in ninth place. Will Givens’ was holding a hand with a runner-runner flush. Refos left with just a single big blind taken for the trouble.

Wim Emo was also short in the game and was unable to take home the win, by going at in eighth place. It left two players at the tables, with both Amsterdam players out of the game.

Will Givens was set up for the bronze, even though Greenwood had to make a comeback in the game to keep his lead. Givens just needed the right hand to stay in the game, but he just couldn’t get the cards to see reason. Instead, he left in third place leaving Greenwood and Foe to battle out the game, going head to head, with Greenwood holding the most chips.

In the final seconds, Greenwood had 2.45 million in chips against Foe’s 800,000. He was unable to come back for the win, leaving Greenwood holding the title.

Poker Tourney News for the Week

Chino Rheem misses the win in DeepStacks. It was a disappointing turn of events for Rheem, who was the favorite to win the title and would have been the first member of the WPT to do so. It is just one of the many games that ended last week with some different results than what one might expect.

Millions Final in Barcelona was also an exciting game that provided a nice win. Chidwick was at the table for this final and will take home the win, with Owen coming in as a close second.