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Results of Event #28 WSOP


At the start of June Joe Cada won the WSOP game he was playing. This week the results are in for various tournaments including Event #28. The tournament is up to event #33 which was a $50,000 game called the Poker Players Championship.

Event #28 featured two of the top players who were thought to be contenders for the win. The $3,000 No-Limit Hold’em 6-handed tournament included James Mackey, Aaron Mermelstein, Gary Hasson, and Gal Yifrach. The event was four days in all, with the last game happening Saturday, June 16, 2018. The result of the six handed game was Gal Yifrach taking home his first World Series of Poker bracelet. He is also going home with $461,798 for the first prize win. In Day three, four players remained, the above-named individuals. They were working their way towards seeing who would win or go home. For many websites the third hand is the Global Poker Moment for the entire week.

The hand was certainly one to remember. Mackey is never a stranger to final tables, where plenty of money is on the line. He has $3.8 million in winnings and wanted to get his second bracelet. Prior to the win Yifrach had won $471,000 in a tournament, but never a bracelet. He did earn a ring on the World Series of Poker circuit when he played at Bicycle Casino. Yifrach also went home with $90k that time.

On Friday, Yifrach opened with 325,000 for the small blind and Mackey was called from the big blind. The flop came out as the ten of hearts, ten of spades, and queen of spades. The players checked. An ace of hearts came onto the table, then the two of hearts appeared. Yifrach decided to make a 400,000 bet. It was only Mackey and Yifrach in the game at this point the pot too rich for the other people left.

Mackey raised 950,000 and Yifrach came back with 2 million. Mackey called, and Yifrach laid down a ten of diamonds and queen of hearts, showing a full house. Mackey had a queen of hearts and eight of hearts, so his flush was no good. Mackey was eventually taken out, even though he railed back into the second position at the end of Friday.

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