PokerStars Are Ready to Launch Platform in India

PokerStars is continuing with its plan of world domination, or so it seems. The latest reach of the globe that it covets is none other than India. Recently it was reported to the media that The Stars Group, the holding company for PokerStars, will be teaming up with a gaming company based in India, known as Sugal & Damani to bring online poker to India.

Background on Sugal & Damini

To give a bit of background to Sugal & Damini, the gaming company is currently owned by Sachar Gaming Private Limited. At present this gaming company offers a rummy site and formerly operated an online gambling site known as khelplay. However, Sugal & Damini arranged for khelplay to be closed down completely as of the 15th of March so that all of that sites clients’ could be redirected to the new site that will be established with PokerStars.

Sugal & Damini is quite a force in India, being involved in a variety of industries including the real estate market, the financial sector and the provision of the lottery. The Star Group has been wanting to move within into India for quite some time now, and have spent a large amount of effort attempting to find an appropriate partner to facilitate integration into the Indian market. They will be joining forces with an industry that already produces at least $150 million on a yearly basis, even with all of the legal barriers to success.

At present if you visit the website it only displays a ‘Coming Soon’ message; however, it is anticipated within the next couple of weeks that the first few layers could be unleashed to the public. One interesting point to note about Sugal & Damini is how the ownership of their company and their parent company works. The domain name is licensed with Sachiko Gaming Private Limited or SGPL. This company is owned by Sachar Gaming who is partnered with Sugal & Damini.

On a scale of user adoption, PokerStars is the most widely used online poker site in the whole world. It has some of the largest reach due to the number of countries it operates in and has over 66% of the online market eating right out of its hands, so to speak. After the debt share agreement between France, Spain, Italy and Portugal came into existence, PokerStars immediately jumped onboard and began an online poker site catering for users between France and Spain. The site they created has become the third most used poker site in the world.