Joe Cada Gains Win in WSOP Game

Joe Cada wins big in WSOP game

Joe Cada earned his third World Series of Poker bracelet by playing in the $3,000 No-Limit Hold’em Shoot Out. He won $226,000 and change during the game.

Joe spent his time playing 196 hands at the final table. It took that many hands for the final players to fall and leave Joe Cada the ultimate winner. He also conquered two other tables on the first two days of the competition just to get to the final table. Cada is the youngest person to win the WSOP Main Event, which occurred in 2009. It was his first gold bracelet and now he is the owner of three.

For the competition, 363 people entered. Last year, there were a few more players at the game. Many well-known players were at the table beside Cada, such as Joe McKeehen, Anthony Reategui, Sam Phillips, Harry Lodge, Ihar Soika, and Joshua Turner.

When interviewed, Cada said he felt great. It is tough to win a no-limit tournament. It means a lot to him to have his third win. He has enjoyed the World Series of Poker since he was a kid, watching it on TV all the time. Being able to win these bracelets seems “unreal” to the younger man. Sometimes it is just about running well and having the luck of getting the cards that everyone else at the table would like to have. He stated that he enjoys shootouts because you have to continue to adjust.

Sam Phillips came in second at the table. He will go home with $139,800. Joe McKeehen also from the United States, placed third. His take home is over $101,000. Jack Maskill and Harry Lodge placed fourth and fifth and are both from the UK. The two will go home with over $50k a piece. Ihar Soika took sixth and is from Belarus. Four other Americans round out the top ten: Anthony Reategui, Taylor Wilson, Joshua Turner, and Jeffrey Trudeau, respectively.

Cada was asked what he was thinking during the game. He stated he knew it was a call during one of the hands, and with so many heads-up matches the stakes were high. He needed to think for a couple of seconds just to make sure he was ready to go for it, and ultimately, he knew what to do, which left Phillips in a tougher spot.

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