“Hand Histories” – A New Poker Docuseries from Poker Central and Cake Works

Poker is a fascinating sport, with a rich history and an intriguing culture. Now, you’ll be able to take an insider look the world of poker, with a new documentary series from Poker Central and CakeWorks called Hand Histories.

A Closer Look into the Poker World

The new Hand Histories series will feature documentaries about life-changing poker hands with narratives from the most famous names in industry. It is an interview-based series that will star big name like Daniel Negreanu, Matt Affleck, Joseph Cheong and Bryan Piccioli. There are six parts in the series, each of which will focus on a different pro’s most interesting hands.

This is an exciting venture from Poker Central. The brand has worked with CakeWorks, a video agency and content studio in New York. The collaboration between the two companies will bring poker fans a look at the industry from a whole new perspective, and it is sure to be a hit.

More Behind-the-Scenes Poker Documentaries For Your Viewing Pleasure

If you’re a poker buff, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of poker documentaries out there. The best of the bunch includes:

Nosebleed (2014): A documentary chronicling Alex Luneau and Sebastian Sabic’s journey at the World Series of Poker.
High Stakes – The Story of Sam Trickett (2013): Taking a look into the life of one of the UK’s best poker players, this documentary delves into his struggles with problem gambling and depression.
Poker Kings (2004): A documentary following several of the world’s biggest poker players in the year before the WSOP, as they prepare to enter the most prestigious tournament in the industry.
Bet Fold Raise (2013): This film takes a look at the rise of online poker, as well as the events surrounding Black Friday.
A Kid’s Game – The Story of Online Poker (2011): A film that focuses on the best young players who have gained notoriety by playing poker online.

As you can see, it has been quite a while since there has been a new poker documentary. So, we’re sure that plenty of players and fans will be watching Hand Histories this week. It is certainly a unique take on poker documentaries, and viewers will appreciate hearing insight about some of the game’s most interesting hands from the pros that played them.

The exciting new Hand Histories documentary series will premiere today on the Poker Central Youtube Channel. Throughout the rest of the week, you’ll be able to tune in to watch the remaining episodes on PokerGO.