Lev Gottlieb Claims Success In Two GG Spring Events In A Single Day

To win one poker tournament is a challenging ask for the majority of players, but Lev Gottlieb claimed an unlikely double on the opening day of the GG Spring Festival last week.

The success was an excellent one for the poker star, as he topped the fields in both the $10,300 Super Millions and $10,300 Super Tuesday. It was a double that we haven’t seen many times in the past, and one that Gottlieb will remember for years to come.

Gottlieb Takes $10,300 Super Millions Event

The first of his successes came in the $10,300 Super Millions, as he needed to outlast a talented field of layers. Gottlieb was able to pick up the maximum prize fund of $586,074 after winning the event. The final challenge in that particular event came from Pedro Garagnani, as the Brazilian eventually needed to settle for second spot on the leaderboard. Still, he picked up $451,926 in returns for his performance from the event. Matthias Lipp was the last player to fall before the heads-up challenge, as he finished back in third and claimed $348,482 in returns from the GG Spring event.

Jordan Cristos and Juan Pardo Dominguez were the next two players on the leaderboard, with Cristos finishing fourth and Dominiguez in fifth. Cristos claimed returns of $268,717, while the latter mentioned star still walked away with considerable returns in the form of $207,209. Christian Rudolph and Damian Salas were the players to finish in sixth and seventh respectively. Andrea Dato finished in eighth and won $95,006, while Aliaksei Boika was the first player to exit the game on the final table. Boika picked up winnings of $73,259.

Gottlieb Claims Second Success

The opening event success was just the start for Gottlieb, as he produced another excellent performance later on in the opening day of the event. This time, he needed to see off a field of 141 other players, and he was crowned the winner after just under ten hours. The success in the $10,300 Super Tuesday was a commanding victory by Gottlieb, but there were still a string of renowned stars that he was coming up against in the event. Gottlieb walked away with $320,729 after topping the star-studded leaderboard. He saw off Joao Vieira in the heads up challenge, with Vieira claiming prize money of $240,513 in returns at the GG Spring event.

Respected poker star Timothy Adams finished just before the heads up challenge, as he claimed third spot on the leaderboard. Adams walked out of the second event with $180,359. Christian Rudolph followed up his excellent performance from the Super Millions event with another decent showing in this one, as he finished in fourth. David Peters and Shawn Daniels finished in fifth and sixth on the leaderboard. Daniels gained returns of $76,057. Joakim Andersson finished in the seventh spot, while QuantumKey was a place further back. The first player knocked out on the final table was Fabrizio Gonzalez.