GUKPT Coventry Mini Main Event Winner Crowned

Coventry is a location in the United Kingdom that is synonymous with big money poker events, as the Goliath tournament typically takes place here. However, the city in the West Midlands was the host this week of the GUKPT Coventry Main Event. The event has typically struggled for players in recent years, but the same can’t be said about the event this year.

The events on the GUKPT have enjoyed excellent numbers over the past couple of months, with the London and Manchester events post posting huge numbers. This could easily be down to the fact that the COVID regulations have been lifted in the United Kingdom, so players want to get back to the table.

Luke Wensley Wins Events

The main competition that was on show this past week, was the Mini Main Event, which was staged on Wednesday. It was a £220 buy-in for the event, which ensured huge numbers involved. There were nearly 800 players involved in the event, which created a massive prize pool of £172,700. Interestingly, that prize pool far outweighed the purses that were available for the most recent Coventry Main Events, which topped just under £1,100.

A very familiar player to the events in Coventry eventually managed to come out on top in the event, as Luke Wensley was the eventual winner of the competition. The local player has been no stranger to events in the area, as he finished seventh in the Goliath event back in 2016. That huge return from the event of £10,450 was eclipsed in the Mini Main Event this past week, as he picked up huge returns following his victory. However, he was by no means that only player to achieve cash returns at the conclusion of a fantastic event in the West Midlands city.

Final Leaderboard

Wensley was the player at the top of the leaderboard at the close of play, as he reigned supreme in the final heads-up challenge against Matthew Bushell. It was an excellent display at that stage of the competition, as the star that finished sixth in this year’s Goliath had now answer. The win ensured that Wensley took home the majority of the purse from the event, as he won £42,930. Meanwhile, Bushell, as runner-up in the Mini Main Event, picked up £29,790 to soften the blow of the loss. The top nine players all walked away with considerable returns from the event.

Jay Harwood finished just outside the top two places, as he finished third for £17,440. Meanwhile, Matthew Cartwright and John Bousfield were the next two players that occupied fourth and fifth overall on the leaderboard. Christopher Johnson was back in sixth for £4,230, while Elliot Marais was a place further back for £3,050. Andrew Bailess finished just inside the final table in eighth, and won £2,360. Finally, James Bostock was the only other player to make the final table, but he was eliminated in ninth overall in the real money poker event, which still won him decent returns of £2,040.