Gavin Cochrane Reigns In Omaholic Bounty King HR

There isn’t much doubt that Gavin Cochrane is one of the elite players when it comes to pot-limit Omaha. His reputation in the game has continued to rise this past week, as he came out on top in an ultra-competitive event organised by GGPoker.

The British star was the winner of the Omaholic Bounty King HR, as he fought off competition from 43 other players to claim the victory. There were some big names involved in the event, which saw stars such as Ami Barer and Isaac Haxton miss out on the top five places altogether.

Cochrane Wins Huge event

It was a star-studded line-up for the event, but players needed to bring their A-game if they wanted to take any share of the prize fund for the event. Only the players that finished in the top five positions were able to walk away with any returns from the GGPoker event. Cochrane was by far and away the star of the day, as he finished well clear of the field to win the biggest slice of the pot.

The Brit won the event, and claimed $34,312 in bounty cash for his excellent performance. That contributed to his huge prize payout for the event of $51,988. It was an excellent conclusion to the event, as Cochrane had to hold off from the pressure put under him by Hungarian star Andras Nemeth. Many would have crumbled under the pressure, but not the Brit. In the end, Nemeth needed to settle for a second spot on the leaderboard. That finish still ensured that he finished with prize money of $29,475, with bounty cash included in that total amassing to $11,812.

Final Leaderboard Standings

Only three other players in the event were able to claim prize money from the event. Ronny Kaiser finished the event in third place, as the player from Lichtenstein finished just below Nemeth in the leaderboard. Kaiser still claimed $18,142 in prize money for his third place finish, with $5,250 of that fund coming from bounties.

P0t RippeR finished a place further back on the leaderboard. The player from Cyprus finished fourth overall, and picked up prize returns of $10,906. That included $1,500 in bounty returns. The final player to take returns from the event was Dante Fernandes. The Brazilian picked up returns of $11,363, with $4,500 being won in bounty cash.

However, the event was all about Cochrane’s performance in the event. The English player was excellent from start to finish. His biggest live cash earning to date came as he won $62,400, and he currently sits 413th in the all-time money list for English players. However, this will be by no means his last big Omaha win of his career.

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