David Nodes Claims Victory In The Summer Online Super Circuit

There has been an exciting ongoing event taking place over the past couple of weeks. The Summer Online Super Circuit has recently come to an end, with 17 events taking place during the event. There was supposed to be 18 in total, but unfortunately one of the events were cancelled. Winning players in the event were awarded a gold ring, and it was organised by the World Series of Poker.

It has been an exciting series for players from New Jersey and Nevada, and there have been some big name winners. Among the winners from the past couple of weeks have been Chris Basile, Gary Kosakowski and Mitch Garshofsky.

Nodes Comes Out On Top In Main Event

The event was brought to a fitting conclusion as the $250,000 GTD Main Event took place to bring a close to the exciting series. It total, there were 423 players involved in the event, which meant that the prize pool stood as a hugely eye-catching total of $339,500. Many of the players that finished outside of the final table were able to take away cash returns from the event. Nancy Martin was among those, as she finished in tenth and won $4,227. Meanwhile, other players to finish outside of the top ten but still claim returns were Dan Sindelar and Jonathan Dolker.

However, there could only be one player to win the gold ring in the main event, and that player was David Nodes. The America was in starring form throughout the Super Summer Series event, and eventually held off the pressure put under him by Romain Lotti to claim the victory. The win meant that Nodes was able to cash out for $54,116. Lotti settled for second, but still claimed lucrative returns of $40,061. Meanwhile, the final table consisted of eight other players. David Yonnotti was the first player to be knocked out on the final table, as he picked up prize money of just under $6,000.

Remaining Players On Final Table

Joseph Cheong and Chad Eveslage soon followed the player that was knocked out in ninth out of the competition on the final table. Tulasi Krishna was the next player to exit the Main Event, as they picked up sizeable prize money of $12,867. Jeff Platt finished in fifth overall on the leaderboard and claimed $16,839.

Meanwhile, Shannon Shorr and Darren Rabinowitz were the final two players to be knocked out before the final two were left standing. Shorr finished in fourth and cashed out at $21,660. Meanwhile, Rabinowitz just missed out on the top two, as he finished in third. Still, he walked away with $29,536 in prize money from the excellent Summer Series.

The event brought a close to an exciting couple of weeks of real money poker action. Other events during the Summer Series were won by Charles Furey, Matt Stout and Ryan Hagerty. The biggest prize winner was Demetrios Petrou, who claimed winnings of $54,233 after winning the GTD Super High Roller on the 22nd June.