Bobby Tieu wins bestbet Summer Heater Series Event #1: $400 NLH

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Event #1: $400 After Day 2 of the bestbet Jacksonville Summer Heater Poker Series, one of the best poker sites, No-Limit Hold’em, was played, and the tournament was won by Bobby Tieu, who prevailed against Chater Suphakorn in heads-up play. Tieu took home $50,801 for his efforts.

There were a total of 750 participants who entered the tournament, and there were 361 different players who contributed to the prize pool of $251,250. The rewards for the tournament were determined by the number of unique players who participated, and as a result, the minimum cash prize for the top 49 players was $1,293.

Tieu maintained his advantage throughout the day and virtually completely commanded the final table the entire time. Following several appearances at final tables, most notably a run to third place in the first event of the 2021 Spring Series, Tieu has finally broken through to claim victory in the bestbet Jacksonville poker tournament series.

The runner-up, Suphakorn, was awarded $33,864 in prize money, and the third-place finisher, Lunique Petiote, received $24,871. Toni Fiorenza ($18,483) and Clayton Adams ($13,922) rounded out the top five finishers with their respective earnings.

Day 2 Bestbet

Fiorenza continued her winning streak from the previous evening into the early morning of Day 2. She easily doubled her stack in a short amount of time. In another part of the room, Norma Rosin was eliminated in the game’s early stages. Johnny Cutler’s ace-queen beat her pocket tens. Donavon Wright was also eliminated early, even though he was in the lead regarding chips for the whole flight.

Jack Sumner and his son Jack (Trey) Sumner III were two additional players that finished in the money during the tournament. In Trey’s first ever poker event, the father and son duo ended up at the same table just as the bubble was about to burst. They were ecstatic to make it through the tournament together in front of the rest of their family.

Willard Cutler’s ace-queen and James Solana’s suited ace-eight were no match for Scott Bryan’s pocket eights. This enabled Bryan to record a double knockout of his opponents. Later in the evening, Bryan finished the tournament in 16th place, thanks to the chips he had won earlier.

As a result of giving up a double to Travis Simpson in the beginning levels of the tournament, Vince Mineo got off to a poor start and dropped to 65,000 chips. Mineo, despite this, overcame the odds and made it to the final table by fighting his way through the competition.

The final two tables

A swift run of eliminations occurred when the tournament reached its final two tables. This contributed to the short amount of time it took to get to the final table (about eight hours).

Tony “Big Tank” Workman was a force throughout the entire day. He chipped up early and played with aggression. After all, his day ended in 11th place. Petiote called his river bet with a pair of pocket kings and an ace on the board. Tony “Big Tank” Workman’s day ended in 11th place.

At the same moment that Paul Liapis was eliminated in tenth place, the remaining nine players aggregated their scores to create an unofficial final table.