BC.Game Launches AI Video Poker

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) has not yet caught on as a trend in the online gaming market, but the some smaller sites are embracing the technology. Recently, BC.Game has launched AI-powered video poker, which automatically plays for the best outcome.

The new AI video poker at BC.Game will allow users to set up their games to play automatically. The AI algorithm will choose which cards to hold and which ones to discard based on calculations determining which ones have the best odds of forming a winning hand.

Artificial Intelligence is being used throughout many technological arenas, and we’ve most recently seen it being used in the poker world. Over the summer, an AI developed by developers at Carnegie Mellon University and Facebook named Pluribus managed to beat professional poker players. Darren Elias, who holds the record for the most World Poker Tour wins, and Chris Ferguson, who has won the six World Series of Poker events, were both out-played by this software.

So, does this mean those who play the new AI-powered video poker are guaranteed to win? Probably not. While being successful at poker involves an element of skill that can be learned and perfected by an AI bot, video poker is a game of luck.

Of course, you can increase your odds of winning by knowing which cards are best to discard and which ones are best to keep. However, it all comes down to luck, and that’s not something that AI can actually learn to beat.

So, when you play AI-powered casino games, it’s important to remember that they don’t necessarily guarantee you a win simply because of the advanced technology they employ. Their AI tools are simply used as an enhancement feature that allow you to better enjoy your online gaming experience.

In games like video poker, playing with AI technology will likely help you improve your own gameplay. You can take a look a which cards the AI discards and keeps, which can influence how you play in the future if you happen to be playing at an online casino that doesn’t have AI-powered games or at a land-based casino.

It will be interesting to see bigger brands experimenting with AI technology. There is huge potential for artificial intelligence to improve the online gaming experience of casino players, and we hope more developers get on board with this trend.