Artur Martirosyan wins €25,000 on Barcelona High-Roller Day

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After defeating Paul Phua in heads-up play, Artur Martirosyan took home the winnings from the €25,000 Single-Day High Roller tournament, one of the best poker sites. At the first of two tournaments of its kind at the 2022 PokerStars and Barcelona Casino European Poker Tour, I witnessed 80 participants take their shot at becoming the event’s champion (EPT Barcelona). When everything was said and done, determining a winner took almost 14 hours and consisted of 27 different stages of play.

A few days ago, Martirosyan finished in fourth place in the €25,000 No-Limit Hold’em I tournament, winning €132,060. Martirosyan was able to improve upon that finish by winning the first-place prize of €540,990 ($555,193). It added to his already impressive lifetime earnings of $3.4 million in live tournaments, with even more won online.

Others with Artur Martirosyan

As the registration period progressed, the action was abundant at every table in the room, which at its peak totaled six tables of play. Many eliminated players shot second and, in some cases, third bullets before being eliminated. During that time, Martirosyan could take a starting stack of 100,000 up to just shy of 600,000 to claim one of the largest stacks heading into the evening. This allowed him to claim the position of having the largest stack heading into the evening.

Michael Addamo

Addamo was the undisputed chip leader coming back from the dinner break when registration was closed, but Martirosyan was right behind him with a huge stack of 648,000 when the break was over. At that moment, there were still 47 players in the tournament. It took almost two hours for that number to reach 24 for the redraw for the three tables. After that, it took another hour the redraw the two tables.

Laszlo Bujtas, Danny Tang and Eric Rabl

During that period, Laszlo Bujtas made steady progress in building his stack. When he reached the final two tables, he had a total of close to one million. During this time, several players chose to wait it out while the action unfolded around them. Danny Tang and Eric Rabl are two players who remained in the game despite never appearing to be engaged in significant pots. Instead, they focused on maintaining their stack and staying alive.

Aleksejs Ponakovs and Artur Martirosyan

Martirosyan soared to 1.2 million when he rivered a full house to get a huge double-up from Aleksejs Ponakovs. That clearly made him the clear chip leader. Steve O’Dwyer and Martirosyan were also at the top of the counts. However, Martirosyan soared to 1.2 million when he got a huge double-up from Aleksejs Ponakovs. The game started moving slightly slower as the bubble got closer. Because they were playing hand-for-hand and no one wanted to be the last player to go with nothing, bubble play lasted for close to two hours.

Bruno Volkmann

In the end, Bruno Volkmann was the one who popped the bubble. He was forced all in from the big blind with six-five offsuit. He was defeated by Martirosyan, who had a pair of kings. Martirosyan’s pair of kings allowed him to win.