Arsenii Malinov Wins GGPoker Super Million$ Event

The GGPoker Super Million$ events continued this week with a number of winners crowned. There was a gripping competition in the $25,500 Super Million$ event on Wednesday evening, which kept fans around the world engaged. There was a stacked field of players in the 38th event of the Super Million$ series, but it was to be a career landmark for Arsenii Malinov, as the Russian won a considerable amount in the event.

He went on to win more than anyone thought in the event, as the buy-in was increased from $10,300 to $25,500 for the competition. There were considerable amounts picked up by all players that made the final table, with the top nine earning their slice of the $2.5 million prize pot.

Malinov Holds Off Competition

The event this week was all about Malinov, as the Russian played incredible well to win a huge amount in the event. His success ensured that he picked up $661,743 for winning the event, which is one of the biggest prize funds that he has picked up during his career so far. The win never looked to be in doubt as the competition reached its final stages, and that was due to the strong position that he managed to put himself in throughout the event.

The Russian’s closest challenger for the spot at the top of the leaderboard was Seth Davies. However, the American was forced to settle for a place in second during this Super Million$ event. That result was still enough to see him walk away from the competition with a considerable prize return of $503,914. The American is no stranger to the final table, as he is a big name on the poker circuit, and that is highlighted by the fact that he sits at 116th on the all-time money list. Meanwhile, no poker player from Oregon has won more than Davies during his career.

Huge Returns For Final Table

As we mentioned, all the players on the final table were able to walk away with a considerable prize returns from their performance in the event. German player REPTAR finished in third place overall, and claimed $383,728 for his performance in the event. He was one of a number of Europeans to make it onto the final table, with Aleks Ponakovs, Joao Vieira and Matthias Eibinger also finishing in the top six. Eibinger finished in sixth place overall, and was able to claim returns of $169,443 from the event.

The event saw a good mix of North American and European players, and there were more players from North America to round off the final leaderboard. Jason Koon finished in seventh place and claimed $129,030, while David Coleman finished a place further back in eighth. He was able to walk away with prize money of $98,256 for his performance in this GGPoker Super Million$ event. The final player on the final table was David Dvoress, who needed to settle for ninth, but still picked up a sum of $74,821 for his strong showing.