Alexios Zervos Claims Success In Super Tuesday Event

There was some fine midweek poker action for fans to enjoy this past week. The action would have no doubt been headlined by the SCOOP $1 K Super Tuesday event, which attracted over 1,200 players to get involved. Joao Vieira claimed a SCOOP success over the weekend.

The event had its fair share of thrilling hands, which included the last play, which saw Alexios Zervos claim the unlikely win against heads-up leader Eelis Parssinen. You can find a full rundown of the results from the event right here.

Zervos Comes Back To Win Event

It was a stunning display by Greek player Alexios Zervos to come back and claim the success in the event. That success looked extremely unlikely going into the final heads-up challenge, as he trailed behind Parssinen. The Finnish player had a considerably higher number of chips, but that didn’t put Zervos off. The Greek star, who was playing under a British flag, overcome the disadvantage in the heads-up challenge to claim the victory. Therefore, he was able to claim the winning returns from the event, which stood at $196,627. Zervos is one of the most famous Greek poker players in the history of the game, as he sits in 15th place on the All-time money list of players from his homeland.

He needed to see off revered competition throughout the event, which included Finnish star Parssinen. Going into the heads-up challenge, he would have been optimistic that he would have the experience to get over the line. However, it didn’t work out that way, and he picked up $140,586 in returns after finishing in second place. Parssinen is no stranger to players and fans that watch a lot of the poker action, as he has been a regular player on final tables throughout his illustrious career. On 62 other players in the history of poker have accumulated more winnings in prize money in Finland.

Final Table Standings

The two players at the top of the leaderboard were by no means the only stars that were on display in the event. Chris Moorman from the United Kingdom narrowly missed out on the heads-up challenge as he finished in third place on the leaderboard. Moorman claimed just over $100,000 in returns for his excellent performance in the Super Tuesday event. Meanwhile, Eder Campana and Pedro Padilha were among the Brazilian players to make the final table. Campana finished in fourth and was returned with $71,869, while Padilha concluded the event in fifth and picked up $51,386.

However, the final Brazilian player on the final table finished just outside of the top five in the standings, as Pablos701 finished back in sixth spot. He was still able to claim returns of $36,740 for his performance. Dutch player ‘urwijn69’ finished just behind the Brazilian player. Joao Oliveira was one of the first players knocked out on the final table, as he finished in eighth spot. Meanwhile, the first player to exit the competition at the final table stage was Patrick Tardif, but the Canadian still picked up returns of $15,203.