‘Shkolota1488’ Wins 50/50 Main Event

The poker action continued last week, with a huge cash win for ‘Shkolota1488’. The player from Belarus was able to hold off a crowded field to claim the win, as he walked away with $116,625 in prize money. He was able to claim the cash prize at the close of an ultra competitive 50/50 Series Main event, with all players involved parting with the $50 that was required for the buy-in.

It was certainly an exciting event, as PokerStars was able to get over $1 million in prize money for the event. In total, there were 19,505 players that competed in the event, which made the task for ‘Shkolota1488’ even harder.

Final Standings

The tournament was all about ‘Shkolota1488’ and his success, but there were certainly some big winners around the final standings of the event. All three players that were left standing cut a deal in the closing stages before then competing for the top prize. The unfortunate player to come out of the deal in the worst shape was Moroccan player ‘Unknownplayerr’, who was the first of the three to bust. Regardless, he still walked away with$85,275 in prize money. ‘Rattyde’ was the player that managed to seal second spot, as the German star was forced to settle for the consolation prize of $86,588. However, neither of the two players were able to get close to the Belarusian in the final standings. ‘LilBigKahuna’ was the first player to get knocked out on the final table, as the Estonian claimed $8,658 in prize money.

The first of three Germans on the final leaderboard on the final table was ‘Paddel1869, as he was the next player to be knocked out. He still was able to pick up $12,147 in prize money for the event. Hungarian player ‘JK-GuRReNEAA’ was the next player to be knocked out of contention, as he needed to settle for $17,040 in returns, before George Katsakos was the next player to be knocked out, as he finished in sixth place in the overall standings. ‘Kot_Spartac’ was the next player to be knocked out, as the Russian claimed $47,044 in returns from his excellent performance. Regardless, the event was truly about the astounding performance by the winner.  

Larry Flynt Passes Away

There was also a moment of mourning in the world of poker this past week, as it was revealed over the weekend that much-loved casino owner Larry Flynt passed away at the age of 78. The news broke over the weekend, on Saturday, as it was announced that he had passed away in his Los Angeles home after suffering heart failure. He was regarded as one of the most colourful casino owners in the United States, and was the owner of Hustler.

He was also no stranger to playing games, as he famously finished second in a high stakes stud poker game. While he did achieve a number of victories throughout his career, it was his legacy on the casino industry that will be most fondly remembered.