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Sam Greenwood Wins Million-Dollar Prize

Sam Greenwood

Sam Greenwood can tell you what it is like to collect two million dollars in poker prizes. Greenwood has been racking up the wins during the first three months of 2018. He won $1.3 million at the Caribbean Poker Festival. He also gained the $1.2 million during the Live Millions Grand Final in Barcelona.

Greenwood was participating in the Super High Roller tournament. He was low on chips during the game, only having enough that would pay for the big blind ante, but then he pulled it out. He gained the win by gaining the right cards and the correct play during the game. Fifty-seven players came to the city in an attempt to win the Super High Roller. Top names like Patrik Antonius, Joaq Simao, and Keith Tilston were at the table. Tilston managed to make it to fourth. He was able to take home $351,000.

Greenwood faced Sergio Aido on the final hand. With only 600,000 chips before him, it looked like he was going to go out and lose the title and the major winnings. But then several things happened. The first of these many things were for others to lose their chips and go to the rail, including getting the hands that would help dwindle Aido’s stack. Greenwood managed to get the commanding amount of chips and never let that lead go. The final hand provided him an A and 9, which went well with the flop.

Jack Schindler reportedly won the 101,000 Euro Super High Roller tournament at the Live Millions Grand Final. Different tournaments have different entry fees. It is unclear, which tournament Greenwood was a part of, particularly because two places are saying that Tilston was playing. One report shows that he went out in sixth place and the one that states he went out in fourth. Given that there are a few days of tournaments it seems evident that Greenwood’s win may have been before the final day of action.

Being in the Winners Circle

Greenwood and Schindler’s wins place them in the same winning circle as Stephen Chidwick, who won the US Poker Open a few weeks ago. Stephen Chidwick was also at the Barcelona game but came away without a win. According to one news source, Chidwick lost during the 101,000 Euro super high roller event, which is the one Schindler took his win in.