PokerStars the Big Race Lures in One and All

The Big Race is an initiative out of PokerStars that was sure to entice even the most novice of poker players out of the woodworks, well at least that’s the theory. The Big Race promises the winner a total of $3 000 a package to the exclusive poker festival in Marbella. But that’s not all, while you are at the poker festival Marbella you can stand a chance to win Platinum Pass to the $25 000 Player’s No-Limit Hold’em challenge that has a minimum win of $30 000.

Why This Is Such an Innovative Event

However, even if you don’t win that coveted prize, there are still ways to feel like a winner. PokerStars will reward you with BetStars Bets if you are one of the players to finish in one of the top spots of the championship. This brand new addition to the world of poker will be sent over the top by these select few players being randomly given a hand in the Cheltenham Gold Cup. Therefore by simply playing a game of online poker, there is the chance to win not only a ticket to the poker festival in Marbella, but also BetStars Bets which are extremely lucrative.

And while you might be entranced at the moment, you must ultimately be aware that although PokerStars which is a subsidiary of the Stars group does want to gift people with the opportunity of a lifetime, the main objective is always the same. What is the main objective, well it’s the same as for all businesses, the aim is to turn a profit. Through the innovation of the Big Race PokerStars has the opportunity to grab not only poker players but sports betters and casino players as well.

At this current point in time PokerStars has a large poker player base but a rather limited sports betting and casino player base, therefore the institution of the Big Race results in all three types being equally drawn to them. PokerStars has many innovations to lure even the least savvy or time constrained poker player into the enticing world of online poker, such as the Spin & Go and other really fast online poker games. However, the Big Race is unique in that with its very clever marketing principles and unique premise, it has succeeded in enticing even the most reluctant poker player into the unique world of online poker to take on the gamble. The only question left to ask is would you be willing to take the leap for the Big Race?