New Documentary Set To Be Released Focusing On The Life Of Thor Hansen

Whenever we see poker on the silver screen, it is typically in a huge Hollywood movie. However, there is set to be an exception to that rule released later in the year, as there will be a documentary that will be focused on the life and times of late great Thor Hansen.

The Norwegian was one of the most beloved players of his generation, and achieved notable successes throughout his career. It was revealed last week that a documentary will be released titled ‘Smile’, which will give a more enhanced look into the life that he enjoyed both at the poker table and away from the table. 

About The Documentary

Few could argue about the significance of Hansen, and his impact on the poker scene for Scandinavian players, and the documentary will delve deeper into his life. It was produced by compatriots Linn Amundsen and Kari Wale, and viewers looking to watch the documentary can do so by finding it on Vimeo. It will be an engrossing watch for all viewers, as they will laugh and cry throughout the 75-minute film. There will be a unique look into the success that the Norwegian enjoyed throughout his career, as he made the move from his home country to play in mega-money events in Las Vegas at just 23.

However, as poker fans would be aware, there is a twist in the tale, as Thor was heartbreakingly diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2012. Viewers will watch on, as the legendary poker player is finally dealt a hand that even he couldn’t win with. The most interesting insights throughout the documentary come with interviews with Thor’s long-time wife Marcella Braswell, who features heavily throughout. There won’t be a dry eye in the house, as Marcella lifts the lid on some of the most heartwarming tales. 

Thor’s Success In Poker

The biggest successes throughout his career came during the WSOP, which he picked up two golden bracelets throughout his career. The first of his successes came in 1988, as he won the Seven-card stud and picked up $158,000. His second success would come over ten years later, in 2002, when he would win the Deuce-to-Seven event at the WSOP, as he picked up $62,600. He would notably achieve money finishes throughout his career on 46 occasions, with four of those high placings coming during the 2006 WSOP.

In that year’s event, he finished second in the Omaha Hi/Lo. His impression on poker was unsurpassable in his home land, as he became the first Norwegian to win the Poker Player of the Year, and rightfully was a huge role model for players looking to embark on a career in poker from his home land. Thor would marry Marcella in 1999, and the couple spent the majority of their time divided between Las Vegas and California. The legendary player was diagnosed with cancer in 2012, and eventually passed away in December 2018.