GoProWarrior denies Astedt sixth GGPoker Super MILLION$

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A big upset occurred in the most recent GGPoker Super MILLION$ tournament when GoProWarrior poker, one of the best online poker sites, defeated Swedish online poker legend Niklas Astedt in heads-up play. This result prevented Astedt from winning a record sixth Super MILLION$ title. Astedt added another $249,467 to his total winnings for his career with this triumph, which brought his total to $319,438.

Other GoProWarrior poker players

The first finalists to dust off their stack was the Irish sensation Ronan “Kakonkote” Sweeney. After a fight with Juan Dominguez that did not go according to plan, he was eliminated. Sweeney defended his large blind by calling Dominguez’s early position min-raise to 100,000, which Dominguez had made from early position. Sweeney made a check-call to a continuation bet of 50,000 after the deuce, five and ten card combination on the flop revealed two spades. Both players made checks in response to the four spades that were dealt. After a king of an unrelated suit was dealt to the community, Sweeney checked his hand again. Dominguez forced his Irish opponent to go all in, and Sweeney could defend his stack of 491 861 by calling with an eight-seven spade combination. Sweeney was eliminated after Dominguez revealed an ace and a five of spades for the best possible hand.

Markkos Ladev

Following Sweeney’s exit from the game, the next player to depart for the locker room was Markkos Ladev. Ladev passed out not long after Sweeney. GoProWarrior made a flat call in the small blind, while Astedt moved out of the way in the big blind as Ladev pushed the pot to 225,000. That left with only 126,675 in chips to play with. GoProWarrior placed an all-in bet on Ladev, and Ladev promptly called. It appeared that the Estonian’s pocket eights had the upper hand against GoProWarrior’s ace-nine, but that was before an ace appeared on the river.

Wiktor Malinowski

The risky Wiktor Malinowski came in seventh place and took home the prize. During the 30,000/60,000/7,500a level, Malinowski decided to fold his hand. GoProWarrior made a pre-flop bet to 144,000 from the cutoff position, and Astedt called from the button position. However, Walinowski moved from the small blind to go all-in for 684,295. Astedt capitulated after GoProWarrior ripped it into pieces. Malinowski had pocket nines while his opponent from Canada held ace-king. Malinowski won the hand. He was eliminated from the tournament when he hit an ace on the flop and another on the river.

Joao Vieira and Barak Wisbrod

After a battle of the blinds with Joao Vieira, the final score of the tournament was determined to be in the five-figure range, and Barak Wisbrod won it. Vieira open-shoved for 642,212 effective, equivalent to eight large blinds from the small blind. Wisbrod decided to make a stand with king-seven suited, only to find out that he was behind Vieira’s ace-deuce. Wisbrod fell farther behind in hand after the flop when he was dealt an ace, although he did improve his position with a flush draw on the turn. The number of players decreased by one due to a brick in the river.


The second person to fall prey to GoProWarrior was the Russian user known as “Psychologist1”. In an earlier hand, Go ProWarrior doubled through Astedt with aces against queens, and he found the pocket rockets once again to send Psychologist1 home in fifth place. When Psychologist1 jammed for 1,066,956 with pocket nines, GoProWarrior upped the betting to 220,000 under the gun, but he quickly called off the hand. After the aces were dealt, there were just four players left in the GGPoker Super MILLION$ tournament.