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Wild Hand Decides WSOP Final Table


The World Series of Poker is always the host of some thrilling scenes, but nothing compares to the hand that decided this year’s Main Event. When they were all dealt high pairs, Nicolas Manion, Antoine Labat and Rich Zhu were not expecting things to unfold in such an outrageous way.

A Hand You Have to See to Believe

In the World Series of Poker’s $10,000 No Limit Hold’em Main Event, three players went all-in with the three highest pairs possible. Manion was dealt two aces while Labat and Zhu held two kings. It was the final hand of the night, and the winner would move on to today’s final table. So, it’s no surprise that all three players were very aggressive, going all in before the flop.

The cards came down: 7C JD 4C 3S JS. Zhu was victorious, amongst a roaring crowd. It was truly one of the most unbelievable hands that the World Series of Poker has ever seen, and the commentators certainly attested to that.

As the cards were dealt, one commentator proclaimed, “Wow, are you kidding me?” while his partner added “I cannot believe this”.

It’s really too extraordinary to put into words, so we’ll let you take a look at the hand for yourself:

As a result of the hand, Manion and Labat will be heading to the final table to compete for a prize worth over $8 million. While Zhu will be missing out on the final table, he still walked away with a $1.14 million pay day.

Manion and Labat Move on to Final Table

As they prepare for the final table, Labat and Manion will be facing much more experienced players. Labat has just over $99 000 in tournament winnings under his belt while Manion has only $10 000, so there is some steep competition as they play against Alex Lynskey (total winnings of $1.5 million) and John Cynn (total winnings of $650 000).

The most accomplished player at the table will be Joe Cada, who became the youngest person to ever win a WSOP main event in 2009 when he was just 21 years old. Today, he has accrued over $10.7 million in tournament winnings and is certainly one of the strongest players at the table – especially after earning his third WSOP bracelet in June.

The winner of the World Series of Poker will take away a prize worth $8.8m while second place will receive $5 million. Even the first final table player to bust will get a great prize worth $1 over million.