New Jersey’s Online Gambling Revenue Reaches $245m for 2017!


Revenue made in New Jersey from online gambling in 2017 hit an all-time high when the state collected $245m at the end of last year. The $245m made in revenue was a 24.9% increase from last year’s grand total.

While the revenue for all the other months of 2017 was known, the revenue for December 2017 was only released on Friday and December was definitely a good month for the online casino industry in New Jersey.

Figures for December 2017

The amount of revenue made by online casinos in December accumulated to $20.75m, with December being the 10th straight month in a row that the revenue exceeded $20m. March was, in fact, the best month for online gambling in 2017, with its revenue being $21.7m.

December 2017 saw a 13% rise in revenue from December 2016. As usual, poker let online gambling down yet again by its total revenue falling by 7.8%, but the casino revenue spiked by 15.6% more than the previous year.

Who Were the High Rollers?

The online casino that brought in the most money for the year was Golden Nugget, which brought in $6.1m in December alone. Golden Nugget is a casino-only site and it is known for its innovation. Just last week Golden Nugget announced their plans to introduce live casino dealers to their virtual floors, which are already teeming with exciting games and opportunities.

Coming in second for the top online casino in New Jersey was the Borgata sites, with their most famous site being PartyPoker. Borgata brought in $4.3m in December 2017, which was $600k up from the previous year. This is roughly a 20% increase so eyes are on Borgata to challenge Golden Nugget for first place in the future.

Caesars Interactive Entertainment was the third highest ranked online casino in New Jersey in terms of income for 2017. The company brought in $3.8m for the state from their poker and casino platforms. They also celebrated month-on-month performance increases of up to 10%.

While online gambling performances have been up and down around the world, online gambling’s future in New Jersey seems as bright as ever!