How to Win PokerStars’ First 29 Platinum Passes

In December 2017, one of the biggest announcements from the poker world was the big reveal of the January 2019’s PokerStars Players No Limit Hold’em Championship. To sweeten the deal of the much-anticipated championship, PokerStars will be giving out over 300 PSPC Platinum Passes all through 2018 – each Platinum Pass is worth $30,000 and includes a $25,000 buy-in, about $2000 for travel and expenses as well as fully sponsored accommodation at the Atlantis Resort. If everything goes well, 2018 will come to an end with PokerStars having contributed a whopping $8 million to the PSPC prize pool though they recently declared that they would add $1 million to the first-place prize thus summing up their contribution to $9 million.

Throughout this month (January 2018), players at PokerStars are going to have multiple opportunities to win any of the $30,000 Platinum Passes or even qualify for a series of All-In Shootouts with passes as prizes – the latter is, however, scheduled for the first weekend of February. The prize pool has the potential of going over the $10 million mark and therefore some of the world’s leading poker players have naturally been attracted to it. This does not mean that regular players whose pockets are not as deep as those of poker pros will be left out of all the fun. You can win a PokerStars PSPC Platinum Pass this month by opening a Rewards Chest and finding a freeroll ticket inside or playing in a $2.20 buy-in Winter Series event.

Here is a summary of when and where you can win a Platinum Pass this month:

Online Events

Winter Series Main Event winners, January 7 – 4 Platinum Passes
Winter Series All-in Shootout winner, January 8 – 1 Platinum Pass
Monthly Sunday Cashers Final winner, February 3 – 1 Platinum Pass

Live Tournaments

Italian Poker Open, January 3-8 – 1 Platinum Pass
ACOP Platinum Series 20, January 5-14 – 1 Platinum Pass
PCA Bahamas 2018, January 6-14, – 5 Platinum Passes
PokerStars Megastack Ulster, January 12-14 – 1 Platinum Pass
PokerStars Festival London, January 22-29 – 3 Platinum Passes
BSOP SAO Paulo, January 25-30 – 2 Platinum Passes