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Heads-up Between Kevin Hart and Usain bolt for #GameON Challenge


kevin hart vs usain bolt in gameon challenge

With the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) to be hosted in the Bahamas less than two months from now, Kevin Hart and his most recent mortal enemy, Usain Bolt have set off their year-long feud again. Both have vowed to kill the other’s poker careers come January when they go head to head at The Stars Group’s highly anticipated poker tournament scheduled from January 6 to 14.

Kevin and Usain’s ‘rivalry’ have been part of the Star Group’s #GameOn marketing campaign that was initiated a few months ago with both stars posting videos on social media in attempts to see who would best outwit the other.

Keeping Their Cool in an Ice Bath

The most recent #GameOn marketing campaign involved an ice bath challenge hosted by Daniel Negreanu, the all-time live poker tournament champions with earnings of up to $34.3 million.

The ice bath challenge precedes the social media video post #GameOn challenge that we mentioned earlier – it was meant to test poker skills and important qualities of pro poker players that include bluffing, reading opponents as well as emotional resilience or control.

While Usain tried to keep his cool (no pun intended) in the ice bath, he did not stay long enough – he still emerged victorious on this one when Kevin Hart folded and dashed off.

Usain Bolt is not one to say no to a challenge and he maintains confidence in himself saying, “Kevin may be the funniest, but jokes are not going to get him anywhere against me at the poker table. I know how to keep my cool under pressure and that is what it takes to win, my friend.”

According to Kevin Hart, “Usain may be a quick thinker but let’s see what happens when he’s taken away from the track. If I were a betting man, I’d say I’ll be the one celebrating in the sun in January. It will be so easy, like taking candy from a baby.”

Promoting the Fun Behind Poker

The Stars Group #GameOn marketing campaign has portrayed its commitment to global marketing that has in many ways contributed immensely to growing and improving the world-renowned poker game.

This particular marketing campaign has been designed specifically to highlight the fun and social nature of the game and what better way to do that than to have a sports champion and a human tickle machine on board.

Gus Poyet Joins Other Athletes Under The Stars Group

Gus Poyet, the former Tottenham midfielder is the latest sports star to be among the neat ensemble of The Stars Groups well-selected celebrity marketers. He is not the only soccer star to have been contracted by The Stars Group – Kenny Dalglish, the Liverpool legend previously participated in the “Big Call with BetStars”, a campaign that had professional athletes share their predictions ahead of major sports events.

This year, Gus Poyet has predicted that his former soccer club, Tottenham will top Arsenal in the Premier League. He, however, also predicted that the two teams are likely to draw (2-2) when they face off at the Emirates Stadium.

Poyet further demonstrated a lot of confidence about who he expected to score the first goal saying, “Harry Kane because he’s on fire.” Finally, despite his unwavering confidence in Tottenham, he suggested that the safest betting option would to bet on both teams scoring.