The Best and the Worst Poker Players

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The Levels of the Game

Poker is a game where players need to dedicate huge portions of their lives to get good at it. The best poker players of all time have been known to master all levels of the game. This includes math, statistics, psychology, and many other skills. Conversely, the worst poker players have mastered none of these skills and they play the game with luck alone. Below you’ll get to read about some of the best real poker USA players in the world. We’ll also get to talk about some of the worst.

The Best Poker Players in the World

Without a doubt, there have been many great poker players that have graced the poker tables with their presence. One of them goes by the name of Jason Koon. His lifelong winnings in the game of poker amount to an incredible $31.4 million. He’s also a Triton Poker representative and he’s outspoken against cheating in online poker.

Another top-tier poker player goes by the name of Fedor Holz. He has amassed a huge fortune by playing poker – to the tune of $32.5 million. He had a very good set of years from 2016 to 2017, when he won $21 million in total. With his unassuming, nerdy appearance, Holz has been known to dominate his opponents on the poker table.

There are many other poker professionals that could be considered as some of the best. These include the legendary Daniel Negreanu, or Kid Poker, as he’s known. With a knack for reading his opponents’ hands, he made more than $42.2 million at poker tables around the world.

The Worst Poker Players in the World

The poker USA tables have also been graced by some very bad real money poker players. With the advent of the internet and live streaming technology, we can observe bad poker plays all the time. One such player that seems to be terrible at the game is Jean-Robert Bellande. He’s known as a player that throws hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single hand. The worst part is that he does this with a bad hand, against players with obviously better hands. And he does this all the time.

There are also other bad players that have claimed the spotlight for some reason or another. One of them is Dan Bilzerian – the millionaire playboy that claimed to have amassed a fortune playing high stakes poker. As it turned out, he was a fraud, and his poker skills were terrible. Hollywood actor Matt Damon has shown his face in some poker tournaments, as well. However, he had shown sub-par skill, making blunders all the time, even when having the best poker hands.

Good vs. Bad in Poker – The Distinction

It’s obvious that if you want to be the best at something, then you need to be talented first. Then, you have to hone your craft for years on end. You’ll need to play poker on the best poker sites in real-world tournaments.

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However, if you aren’t talented for the game and if you aren’t willing to improve, then you can expect to lose money consistently. In time, you may even get the moniker “fish”, reserved for terrible players that have a lot of money. In any case, poker is a game where, in the short term, some of the worst players can beat some of the best. But in the long term, the best players persevere and get huge payouts, while the worst players keep on losing and end up becoming a laughing stock.