Best Strategy to Master Bonus Poker

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Gambling has remained a part of our society for as long as we can remember, and we encounter it at some point. When we try it out, we experience several different games but seek the right one. Poker is among the first game to appear in electronic form and has become the most popular one. As video poker games have a low house edge, bonus poker is the game that offers a good chance of winning.

Bonus poker is a typical video poker game that comes with a slight variation. It has a higher payout percentage. Although there are different strategies to win poker, you must know what to watch out for. As a player, you must adopt the best bonus poker strategy to walk away from the machine with more significant profits.

What Is Bonus Poker?

Bonus poker is a well-known Jacks or Better video poker variant. 8 5 bonus poker is among the most common versions available in most casinos. Its style and play resemble Jack or Better. Here, a player inserts real money or credits into the poker machine. The machine updates the prompt and asks for the coins you want to play for.

In this game, the virtual dealer gives five cards. As a player, you can discard between 0 to 5 cards when the dealer offers new ones. It is a real poker USA where the final hand determines the payout on the pay table. The poker rank of the final hand is another factor determining the payout.

Bonus Poker Strategy

The bonus poker strategy can also be used in Jacks or Better. Here, you must move through different hands towards the best possible kind. The following is the outline of the bonus poker game traditional plays.

  • 4 of a Kind, Royal Flush, Straight Flush

If you get this hand in the initial deal, you need to keep it for the guaranteed payout. Other than that, you can also try for the royal flush.

  • Four of a Kind to a Royal Flush

These are known to be the game’s highest or best poker hands. You need to discard the kicker and play it out to get a higher payoff.

  • Straight, Full House, Flush

Right from dealing the initial hand, you can discard any of the unsuited cards when building up to a full house.

  • Two Pair

You can try to play out for two or three of a kind as a player because a low pair has a low payout.

  • Jacks, Queens, Kings

The initial hand is bad here; therefore, you can play for a high pair. There can be a possibility of three of a kind if you become lucky.

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that bonus poker can be a lot of fun and a great way of winning money. In this game, you must challenge yourself by thinking strategically and getting rewarded for making the right move. Although you need a little luck, it revolves around using the correct bonus poker strategy.


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