What is a Bad Beat in Poker?

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Have you ever had a poker hand, which is very likely to win, like pocket Aces, but ended up losing? Unfortunately, losing some hands that have the potential to give you very solid returns may be quite painful.

Well, no matter if you play in land-based casinos or at any of the best poker sites, there is no way of winning every single hand. So, it will be quite beneficial for you to know further details about a hand that appears to be strong but losing indeed.

What does the Term “Bad Beat” Mean?

Why is it called a Bad Beat?

The term Bad Beat is used to express when something unlucky costs you the win, which is used in all kinds of gambling.

As you may suggest, the term “Bad Beat” in Poker means when you have a hand, which appears to be strong, but loses after the opponent with a weaker hand makes a first-looking poor call.

Of course, not every hand that is losing can be called a Bad Beat, whereas some poker newbies happen to be too much confidence in their hands, thinking they have what’s called a Bad Beat. 

What is the Bad Beat in 4-Card Poker?

There are some variations seen in the best online poker sites that actually offer you to get returns if you have a Bad Beat. For example, in 4-Card Poker, which is a type of poker where you play against the house, you can bet for having a Bad Beat, where the payouts are usually:

  • 2 Pair = 4:1
  • Straight = 6:1
  • Flush = 25:1
  • Trips = 100:1
  • Straight Flush = 10,000:1
  • 4 of a Kind = 25,000:1

Of course, this applies when both the player and the house have at least pairs. So, overall, in 4-Card Poker, the question of what a bad beat in poker is still the same, but you can take advantage of it.

Example of Bad Beat in Poker

So, as you know what the term means, let’s see some examples of bad beats in poker.

Let’s say you start the game with a pocket Kings (K♥K♦), which is one of the best starting hands in poker. Then the flop reveals 8♦ 10♦ K♣, which now makes you with Three of Kind.

Of course, you can instantly assume you have the best hand. But the dealer reveals J♦ and 8♥ in the river. So, you now have a Full House, so you think you have the best hand possible. Nevertheless, your opponent is holding 7♦ and 9♦, which makes a Straight Flush for him.

So, you inevitably lose this Bad Beat Hand. Of course, there are some of the worst Bad Beat hands you can ever have, but there are also some other features to lose J Three of Kind to K Three of Kind, and many more.

How Often Does a Bad Beat Happen?

Well, poker bad beats are commonly seen. However, in most cases, it is about players misreading the situation, thinking their hand is stronger than it actually is.

Although, the most experienced poker player is aware of the fact that true Bad Beats are very unlikely to happen, as the odds of that actually happening in a real game are so low.

What Odds are a Bad Beat in Poker?

Well, many online poker sites even have some special bad-beat jackpots. Unfortunately, this features a qualifying hand, which usually is losing with four of a kind or higher. But, no matter that, you are still compensated for your loss.

How does a bad beat payout?

Usually, when a Poker Bad Beat Jackpot is triggered, the player who lost the bad beat hand gets 50% of the prize, 25% goes to the player who won the hand, and the rest 25% is split between the other players on the table.

Keep in mind that every online casino has its own requirements for Bad Beat Jackpots.

What to do after a Bad Beat in Poker?

Well, almost any player experienced a bad beat in poker. Of course, it is not a good feeling. However, the only thing that you can do is move forward and continue playing to win your next hands. Of course, if there is a jackpot prize for it, you will be compensated, but if not, you simply have to move forward.

How do you deal with bad beats in Poker?

Unfortunately, some players get really emotional and angry when they experience bad beat poker hands, which cannot be in your favor. So, learning to accept the loss and move forward will be one of the essential skills you can develop for your poker journey.

How do you win a bad beat in Poker?

Don’t think of a bad beat as just an unlucky hand. Even if that happens, skills, strategy, and discipline are much more valuable.

Even if you got caught by a bad beat hand, you should move forward, as the next big pot is awaiting you. There are even cases of bad beat hands that won just because the player has strong bluffing skills, which is one way for you to still win with a Bad Beat Hand.