How to play video poker? Your Best Poker Guide

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Video Poker is one of the most straightforward versions of poker you can play online. Nevertheless, if you like playing video poker online or playing it on slot machines, you will see similar gameplay based on a fixed-odds game with a five-card draw.

But, do not be mistaken, video poker differentiates from slot games, no matter that it is also referred to as poker slot, you need skills to play it. To eliminate any confusion about this exciting game, let’s dive deeper into how to play it.

What is Video Poker?

As we already mentioned, video poker is a casino game based on a five-card draw poker, which is played on either a slot machine or online. At first glance, that may sound a little frustrating for players, who never heard of that type of poker, so let’s check out how does video poker work. 

The game begins when you place your initial bet when the first 5 cards are drawn. You have the option to exchange cards to match the winning combinations. 

As in regular poker games, you have the same combinations that you need to see in order to win, as follows:

  • Pair,
  • Two Pair,
  • Three of a Kind,
  • Straight,
  • Flush,
  • Full House,
  • Four of a Kind,
  • Straight Flush,
  • Royal Flush.

Of course, the returns for Royal flush are the highest, but the exact number varies depending on the online poker site. Usually, the average payout is about 96% or higher, but we always have you covered with the best online poker sites.    

There are plenty of available video poker games that you can find online. However, there are a few of them that are preferred and played by online bettors.

  • Jacks or Better    

Jacks or Better is among the most popular types of video poker due to the fact it is very fun to be played and also very easy. The only thing you aim for is to get Jacks or better. 

  • Deuces Wild

Another very commonly played version is Deuced Wild Video poker. In this version, the key to success is just to get Deuces, as they can be replaced for any other card to make a winning combination. 

  • Joker’s Wild

As you can suggest, in this version, the Joker comes as a wild card that you can replace with any other to get the best combination, making it very fun to be played. But, the payouts can be lower than other variations. 

  • Double Bonus

Double Bonus is a very attractive online video poker game that shines with its high payouts if you land four of a kind, giving you an edge over the house. 

  • Double Double Bonus

This variation of online video poker games is slightly more difficult to be played because kickers are introduced. However, it pays double what Double Bonus Poker pays, so you can get a lot in return. The kickers in Double Double Bonus Video Poker are Ace, 2, 3, and 4. 

So, the only one who can decide what is the best video poker game to play is you, of course, after taking into account if you prefer getting bigger payouts, enjoying fun gameplay, or taking advantage of wild cards. 

How to Play Video Poker?

Once you master video poker, it becomes one of the easiest and most entertaining games you can enjoy playing online or even in a casino. To master it, you have to follow some simple steps on how to play video poker.

  1. Choose the best variation of video poker,
  2. Choose the best online poker site to play
  3. Credit your account and set up your wagers,
  4. Once you set the wager, just deal your cards,
  5. Make the decision of which cards to replace,
  6. Learn to evaluate the value of your hand.

No matter which variation of online video poker you choose, you need to stick to these steps. 

Rules of Video Poker

Although there are different variations of video poker, all of them operate under similar rules, which you have to follow. 

  • You are dealt with 5 starting cards,
  • The game starts when you set up your wager,
  • You can choose to either hold or replace your cards,
  • All the cards you choose to replace will be dealt one by one in a random draw,
  • You win if your hand matches any of the winning poker combinations.

What are the Terms of Video Poker

To be as prepared as possible for your online video poker journey, let’s see some of the most used terms:

  • Ace-High – When you have no combination and your highest card is Ace,
  • Aces Full – When you hold a full house with three aces,
  • Credits – The amount of money you have for playing video poker machines or slots,
  • Coins – The pay table is divided into coins, which are separated from one to five. This is the amount you bet on every wager (If you play on a 10$ machine, each coin will be worth 10$).
  • Denomination – The value of one coin,
  • Draw – You draw new cards when you replace your initial ones to make better combinations,
  • Face Cards – Jacks, Queens, and Kings,
  • House Edge – The house edge represents how much the casino is in favor of winning over the player,
  • Kickers – When you have a poker hand, like three of a kind, the kickers are the rest of the cards that can give you an edge. If you hold an ace, you have the best kicker in the game,
  • Quads – When you hold four of a kind,
  • Rank – The value of the card,
  • Wild – A card that can be replaced with any other to make a winning combination. 

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