Swedish PSMO Back at 888Poker


The Swedish Poker SM Online Championships Series or PSMO is a festival player can enjoy at the poker site. April first marks the start of this third consecutive festival. The tournament lasts until the 29th of April.

The Swedish PSMO began in 2006 with a single tournament. It began an annual event that turned into a festival three years ago. As a festival, it lasts longer and provides more fun for those who wish to attend the online fun. The PSMO has ten events that are set for specific dates throughout April. The buy-ins range from free entry up to $320. The High Roller Events take the most money for the buy-in at $320.

A copy of the PSMO schedule will help you figure out when you want to play, the buy-in required, and when you can register. Many of the events have a late registration that is 30 to 60 minutes after the beginning of the tournament. Some of the games do have a leaderboard and others will not.

Tournament Events for the Festival

Other than the freeroll, the PSMO events have the main event, high rollers, and low rollers with the leaderboard points that will show who is competing and at what level they are at. The person who is at the top of the leaderboard is going to gain the World Series of Poker Crazy Eights Package for 2018. The PSMO main event winner will obtain the 888Poker Live Barcelona entry package.

The main event tournament is what players are most likely going to want to win because of the package and the jackpot. Players are guaranteed a share of $15,000. Play is based on 120-minute levels.

When players reach the heights of the leaderboard or win the main event, they will be among some of the best players in the world. Emma Wikberg is one of the past winners of the main event at this festival. Pontus Magnusson also won the main event. The PSMO tends to bring in players like Peter Eichardt, who won a WSOP bracelet. Jerry Odeen also played at the 888Poker festival.

Players should expect Martin Jacobson and Sofia Lovgren to be playing at the 888Poker festival as they are both interested in keeping their titles. Jacobson was the 2014 main event champ for the World Series of Poker. Lovgren is the ambassador for 888Poker. There are side events with a $55 buy-in running now on 888Poker to get you in the mood for the big festival.