Poker Central Rides Wave of Pokerography on New Release


Pokerography has had much the same success for Poker Central as Game of Thrones had for HBO. It just is that addictive and they seem to have done it again with their new offering known as The Super High Roller Club. The Super High Rollers Club is a documentary-type series that delves deep into the lives and inner secrets of high roller poker players who happen to be a part of The Super High Roller Club.

If this sounds familiar then don’t worry you’re right, The Super High Roller Club is hot off the heels of Poker Centrals other well-established show Pokerography. Pokerography is also a documentary series that follows individuals within the professional poker scene who have very unique lives, well at least that is how we are going to describe it. They mainly focused on the more conservative icons such as Phil Hellmuth, however, over the course of two seasons thinks were bound to heat up and over time more and more unique players came into the limelight. And as predicted we just couldn’t get enough of it.

As Poker Night In America launches their offering of Poker Night Live, Poker Central has gone full force behind their offering of The Super High Roller Club. The season will consist of Ali Nejad following a couple of the most notorious names within the high roller poker players in Las Vegas, Nevada as they experience all of the good things that life has to offer. Think insanely expensive dinners, staying in the worlds finest hotels, endless shopping trips, sports and of course, luxury cars. What more can one ask for?

Who Is in the Show This Season?

So who will be up for the first season, well none other than Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Antonio Esfandiari, Nick Schulman, Brandon Adams and Farah Galfond. However, there are a couple complaints over the line-up as it seems rather stale and slightly cautious on the part of the network. Although Shulman, Adams, and Galfond are a little more edgy and unpredictable, it is still not as riveting as a line-up as they could have chosen. For starters, all of the players are North Americans and there is not very much diversity amongst the group, something that many hope will change as the season’s progress.

The Super High Roller Club will be starting on the 26th of February on PokerGo, so there really is no time to waste, grab a comfy spot on your couch and anchor yourself for the time of your life.